Wasteland 3 Best Attributes Guide – Effects, Which Attributes to Choose

Wasteland 3 Best Attributes Guide

Attributes in Wasteland 3 define your base stats. At the start of the game, you’re given 14 attribute points to spend across 7 attributes. Always try to go through all the attributes and see what they provide before investing points into them. Depending on your build and playstyle, you can lean towards a balanced approach or max out one or two attributes from the get-go. In this attributes guide, we’ve given a complete overview of all the attributes in Wasteland 3, effects, and the stats they affect.

Wasteland 3 Best Attributes

There are 7 attributes in total i.e. coordination, luck, awareness, strength, speed, intelligence, charisma. Firstly, let’s talk about things that these attributes govern in WL3.

  • Coordination – This attribute not only provides APs (Action Points) but also governs your HP and resistance against elemental damage types and several debuffs.
  • Luck – As the name suggests, this attribute primarily revolves around RNG. Having the RNGesus on your side can quickly turn this attribute into the strongest one out there. Luck provides you with bonus bullet penetration and a chance to trigger lucky events that can provide extra evade, action, critical, increased critical damage, resistance, and healing chances.
  • Awareness – With this attribute, you gain increased ranged weapon damage, improved hit chances, and a higher perception stat.
  • Strength – A melee character/build isn’t complete without investing in this attribute. Strength provides your character with increased melee damage, throw range, constitution per level (increased HP), and the ability to done heavy armor.
  • Speed – This attribute, as the name suggests, lets you move around the field much faster. It also increases your evasion stat, allowing you to remain alive when your party needs you to e.g. healers, etc. Speed also governs your initiative.
  • Intelligence – If you’re interested in having extra skill points at the start, you’ll need to invest in this attribute. Not only this but it also provides increased critical hit chance and critical hit damage.
  • Charisma – The last attribute in Wasteland 3 increases the range of your leadership aura, allowing you to reach far-off party members and also improves mission rewards and strike meter cooldown.

Those of you who aren’t interested in reading through the entire thing, the following is a quick TL; DR of different effects provided by attributes in WL3:

  • Coordination: APs, increased resistance against debuffs
  • Luck: More bullet penetration, chance to trigger lucky events
  • Awareness: Increased perception, ranged weapon damage, hit chances
  • Strength: More melee damage, throw range, constitution per level
  • Speed: Increased evasion, more initiative
  • Intelligence: Extra skill points, critical chance, critical damage
  • Charisma: increased leadership aura range, faster strike meter charge rate, better rewards

These are all the attributes in Wasteland 3 and their effects. Feel free to check out our detailed Wasteland 3 wiki guides for more help on the game.

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