Wasteland 3 Armor Mods Guide – Best Mods, Skills, Effects

Wasteland 3 best armor mods

Wasteland 3 Armor mods and utilities help you get an edge in combat. You can easily put mods on your weapons and armors. Below you will find the complete list of armor mods available in the newly released Wasteland 3. You can use mods on your own character as well as your party members.

Wasteland 3 Best Armor Mods, Full List, Effects

Armor mods in Wasteland 3 that can be equipped on pretty much all armor pieces. However, not all armor mods are readily available. Some of the mods have requirements that must be met before you can get your hands on them.

Sometimes you may need to complete certain quests, explore the world, and complete activities to get Armor mods you need.

Armor mods add special perks and abilities to your armor sets. These perks are added on top of your other skills and attributes. Armor pieces that have a slot of them are the only ones that can equip the best armor mods.

The information provided below will help you understand what are the best armor mods in Wasteland 3, and which ones are the best for your specific character and party members.

How to Use Armor Mods – Modding Skill

Using armor mods in Wasteland 3 has its own system designed around it. You need the armor modding skill in Wasteland 3 and leveling up the skill will give your character the ability to equip high-level, more effective armor mods.

You can level up your modding skill to level 10 to get a special perk called “Tender Loving Care” which gives a small armor boost (+5) to all of your party members.

Armor Mods  Effects  Modding Skill Level Requirements  Mod Type 
Accelerator Skeleton 
  • Action Points: -1 
  • Combat Speed: +0.6  
  • Armor : +2 
9  Leg 
Glance Plates 
  • Crit Resistance: +3 
  • Armor: +1 
1  Helmet 
Head Gear Platform 
  • Armor: +2 
  • Hit Chance: -5 
  • Status Effect Resistance: +50 
9  Helmet 
Personnel Drive 
  • Armor: +1 
  • Combat Speed: +0.4 
5  Leg 
Phase Temper Controller 
  • Fire Resistance: +60 
  • Cold Resistance: +60 
  • Energy Resistance: +60 
  • Armor: -4 
9  Chest 
Plasma Capsule 
  • Healing Bonus: +25 
  • Armor: +1 
5  Chest 
Trauma Plate Insert  Armor: +6  3  Chest 
  • Armor: +1 
  • Combat Speed: +0.2 
1  Leg 
Pocket Doc 
  • Healing Bonus: +10 
  • Armor: +1 
1  Chest 
Hydraskin Panels 
  • Armor: +1 
  • Evasion: +3 
1  Leg 
Titanium Crest 
  • Crit Resistance: +6 
  • Armor: +1 
3  Helmet 
Polyxylylene Barrier 
  • Explosive Resistance: +30 
  • Cold Resistance: +30 
  • Energy Resistance: +30 
  • Fire Resistance: +30 
  • Armor: +1 
6  Chest 
Sensory Shroud 
  • Status Effect Resistance: +30 
  • Armor: +1 
4  Helment 


As you can see, there are 13 armor mods in Wasteland 3. All of them provide different skills and abilities to your character. Depending on your build you can choose the best armor mods from the list above.

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