Wasteland 3 Best Animal Companions Locations, Perks, Requirements

Wasteland 3 animal companions

Like many other RPGs Wasteland 3 offers different companions and not all of them are human. In fact, you can recruit animal companions in Wasteland 3 if you need certain requirements. Each animal companion has a unique bonus for your character. In this guide, we will discuss the best animal companions in Wasteland 3, their locations, bonuses, and more.

Wasteland 3 Animal Companions Locations and Bonuses

Before we jump into the list of best Animal Companions in Wasteland 3, it should be noted that you need the Animal Whisperer skill and reach a certain rank to tame and recruit animals.

Name  Bonus  Location (How to Recruit) 
Major Tomcat  +6% Crit Damage  Ambush Site in the Prologue (Rank 1) 
Billy & Jean  +0.1% Crit Damage  Hoon Homestead (Rank 1) 
Chicken  +3% EXP  Colorado Sprins (Rank 1) 
Cyborg Chicken  n/a 
  1. Near the courtyard at Ranger HQ – Rank 1 
  2. Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs 
  3. San Luxe Apartments, Apartment 1 
  4. Broadmoor Heights Church 
  5. Inside the Patriarch’s Bunker 
Rabbit  +10% Initiative  Common (Rank 1) 
Fox  +3 Leadership  Aspen (Rank 1) 
Cat  +6 Crit Damage  Colorado Springs (Rank 2) 
Dog  +0.1% Combat Speed  Ranger HQ, Aspen, Colorado Springs (Rank 3) 
Goat  +0.1% Crit Damage  Getty Family Homestead (Rank 4) 
Pig  +15 Constitution  The Warrens (Rank 4) 
Doe  +0.5s Sneak Time  Santa’s Workshop / Denver (Rank 4) 
Waste Wolf  +5 Sneak Attack Damage, Terrifies Enemies in AOE, decreasing AP  The Warrens (Rank 5) 
Razorback  +2 Penetration  Department of Energy (Rank 5) 
Stag  +10% Melee Damage  Aspen, Denver (Rank 6) 
Polly the Parrot  +5% Evasion  The Warrens (Rank 7 or offer money) 
Growler Cub +2 Armor, Terrifies Enemies in AOE, decreasing AP  Aspen, in the holding cells (Rank 7) 
Bison  +5 Crit Resistance  Knox Bison Ranch (Rank 9) 
Badger  +1 Downed Time  Massacre Site (Rank 10) 

Based on the information above you can decide what are the best Animal Companions for you. However, if you want our suggestions, the best animal companions are the Dog, Cat, Doe, and Razorback.

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