In Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0′s DMZ map, resources play a crucial role in determining the outcome of the game. Gathering the right items can improve your chances of survival, allowing you to either sell them at a Buy Station or complete quests assigned to you in the DMZ menu.

Last updated on April 20th, 2023 at 07:48 am

A new feature introduced in the DMZ is the Bartering system, which lets you submit specific items you find while exploring the map in exchange for unique items. This article is a comprehensive guide to all Barter recipes in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0’s DMZ.

Bartering System in DMZ

To access the Bartering system, visit any Buy Station on the DMZ map. The Bartering window will appear, displaying a list of recipes that you can complete by submitting the required ingredients.

The new barter system introduced in Season 3 of Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 DMZ offers players an innovative way to exchange scavenged items at Buy Stations, rather than trading directly with other players. This system utilizes recipes, which are essential ingredient lists required to obtain desired items.

Players can find these recipes at Buy Stations scattered throughout the maps. These lists are fixed and can be memorized for efficient bartering. While most recipes remain consistent across all maps, Building 21 and Ashika Island locations boast a few exclusive barter options within their Buy Stations.

Barter Recipes and Ingredients

Below is the complete list of Barter recipes and their corresponding ingredients available in DMZ.

Barter RecipesBarter IngredientsDescriptions
3-plate Comms Vest2 Hard Drives, 2 Batteries, and a Soothing Hand CreamIn Season 3, the introduction of the new comms vest offers players a way to enhance their armor while simultaneously providing critical information. This vest functions like an amplifier, extending the duration of all UAV technologies within DMZ, including killstreaks, UAV towers, and enemy radios dropped by AI. Furthermore, it transforms them into Advanced UAVs, revealing both the direction and location of players.
3-plate Medic Vest3 Bandages, liquid, and a watchThe new medic vest in Season 3 not only provides enhanced armor but also enables quicker revives for squadmates and faster self-revives when utilizing a self-revive kit, offering valuable support during gameplay.
Armor BoxElectric Tape, a Screwdriver, and C4n/a
Durable Gas Mask2 Toothpastes, and a lighterDurable gas masks prove to be useful tools when exploring radiation zones or attempting last-minute escapes to extraction points, ensuring your safety in challenging situations.
GPU2 Gold Bars and 5 Thumb DrivesBartering for a GPU can expedite the process of obtaining a Skeleton Key or accomplishing certain missions. Currently, this option appears to be exclusive to Ashika Island.
Lost Room 403 Key4 Nuclear Fueln/a
MCPR-300Al-Qatala Train Cargo Manifestn/a
Munitions BoxImported Tea and 500 Cashn/a
Revive PistolA Bandage and Soothing Hand CreamThe Revive Pistol field upgrade is an excellent choice for DMZ matches, particularly if you serve as your team’s medic, providing invaluable support during gameplay.
Scavenger BackpackA Battery, canned foods, and gun cleaning oilAllows you to have more inventory space.
Secure BackpackElectric Drill, a Gas Can, and a Gold SkullThe secure backpack, a new addition in Season 3, allows players to safeguard scavenged items across matches. This means valuable loot such as GPUs and hard drives will be retained in your backpack for the subsequent match, rather than being converted into XP. Moreover, these items will not be lost upon death. However, the secure backpack only applies to “non-Contraband, non-on-soldier items” in your inventory, excluding Contraband weapons, killstreaks, gas masks, or self-revives.
Skeleton KeyA Videocassette Recorder, Vintage Wine, and an Encrypted Hard DriveIn Season 3, the Skeleton Key is introduced to DMZ, granting players the ability to unlock any door within the map, except for Building 21’s entrance. To access this specific location, you will still require a Building 21 Access Keycard. However, the Skeleton Key can be used to unlock rooms within Building 21 once inside.
Tempered Plate CarrierClassified Documents, Sensitive Documents, and DocumentsThe recently introduced tempered plate carrier is an armored vest that operates similarly to the one found in Warzone 1. Instead of three third-bars, your armor now consists of two half-bars, streamlining the process of re-plating after a battle. Currently, this vest appears to be exclusive to Ashika Island.

Acquiring these unique items through the Bartering system will give you a competitive edge over other players, increasing your chances of surviving and winning the game. Some items, like the 3-plate Comms Vest or the Durable Gas Mask, can provide valuable protection and utility in high-stakes situations. Others, such as the MCPR-300 or the Revive Pistol, can help turn the tide of battle in your favor.

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