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Warhammer 4K Rogue Trader: Restart Elevator on Eurac V


The issue with the elevator is part of a mission to acquire a new Navigator for your voidship. You’ll find yourself on Eurac V, tasked with assisting Felek Orsellio in dealing with heretics on the station and rescuing Lady Cassia. The elevator, which is vital for reaching her, is initially out of order.

The problem with the elevator becomes apparent as you attempt to reach Lady Cassia. You find the elevator crucial for the mission, but unfortunately, it’s not working.

How To Restart Elevator On Eurac V In Warhammer 40K Rogue Trader

You start by engaging with Felek Orsellio, which kicks off the mission. After an Athletics check to move to the adjacent zone and a battle with an enemy, you will come across a large door, which is locked.

To get past the locked door, you need to find another door on the East side of the room. Going through this door and proceeding along the path, you’ll come across a console. This console is key, as interacting with it lets you open several doors, including the Laboratory door.

Optional Objective: The same console also offers an opportunity to access the nearby Armory. If you pass a skill check, you can gain access to some valuable loot.

Once you’ve unlocked the Laboratory door, head back to the large door, enter the Laboratory, and make your way to the lower level.

Inside the Laboratory’s lower level, you’ll find various machines. Your focus should be on finding and interacting with the Control Rod prompt. By interacting with the Control Rod prompt, you initiate the repair process for the elevator. Completing the lab puzzle will get the elevator back in working order.

With the elevator now functional, you should return to Felek Orsellio to continue with the mission, which includes rescuing Lady Cassia and confronting the heretics.

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