As you progress through Warframe the New War, you’ll be forced to choose between Drifter or Operator. This decision is all about which story you prefer, as both choices result in the same gameplay experience. Do you want to go into the final battle as an Operator or a Drifter?


The Drifter and Operator are two sides of the same character, hailing from different versions of the same world. You’ll get to make your choice after you’ve defeated the Narmer and Sentients.

While the Drifter and Operator share similarities, they also have distinct differences shaped by their experiences in their respective worlds. The Operator was rescued from the lost ship, while the Drifter wasn’t. The Operator ended up with Lotus, while the Drifter did not.

Don’t worry; your choice between Drifter and Operator won’t affect your loadout and gear. Both paths lead to the same universe, allowing you to switch between them after completing the New War.

Operator or Drifter in Warframe New War?

When choosing between Drifter and Operator in Warframe the New War, think about which story appeals to you the most. For most players, the choice would be the Operator simply because of emotional sentiment, and that seems to be the right choice for the end of Warframe New War.

I recommend picking Operator because they are the one alongside you in every battle up to this point, and they deserve to lead the final battle in New War.

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