The Railjack in Warframe is a battleship that takes a lot of steps to create. After acquiring the ship you will have to complete certain upgrades to proceed further in the game. In this guide, we will include all the details on Warframe Railjack Research Upgrades.


Warframe Railjack Research Upgrades

As I mentioned above that the Railjack is a battleship. If you want to check out information on how to build it then check out our guide on that.

Putting that aside now let us focus on how to upgrade your Railjack in Warframe. First, you need to head to Dry Dock. At Dry Dock, there are two interactive consoles. The left console is for research while the right console is for configuring the battleship.

Check out the upgrades on the left console and if you have the required items then put equipment on upgrade. An item takes around 72 hours for the whole research. Some items might need quite a few Pustrels and Carbides. If you are low on some items required for the upgrade then you can farm them by completing missions.

Researchable Equipments

Following are a few of the researchable equipment of the Railjack:

Apoc MK I

Rapid-fire autocannon: launches high-velocity projectiles, puncturing and shredding the armor of enemy ships.


Rapid-fire toxin cannon: damages enemy vessels with a toxic sludge that can penetrate hulls and cause crews to become confused, turning on their allies.

Carcinnox MK I

This is an upgraded version of Carcinnox.


Ice wave generator: slams enemy ships with waves of frozen particulate freezing enemy propulsion systems and slowing them to a standstill.

Cryophon MK I

This is an upgraded version of Cryophon.


Arc Weapon: discharges a massive stream of Incendiary energy, latching and frying up to 3 enemy vessels.

Galvarc MK I

This is an upgraded version of Galvarc.


Missiles: launches a swarm of dumbfire rockets.

Milati MK I

This is an upgraded version of Milati.


Photon lance: two focused beams instantly sear enemy ships, often engulfing them in flame.

Photor MK I

This is an upgraded version of Photor.

Sigma Reactor MK I

An upgraded reactor based on the standard issue Sigma series original. +10 Avionics Capacity

Sigma Shield Array MK I

An upgraded version of the Sigma Shield Array. +200 Shield Capacity.

The total research cost for all the upgrades in Warframe is:

  1. 10k Credits
  2. 2159 Circuits
  3. 4750 Nano Spores
  4. Morphics x1
  5. 2894 Salvage

That is all for our Warframe Railjack Research Upgrades guide. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our guide on pustrels farming guide.