Pustrels are one of the new ore types in the latest update “Rising Tide” in Warframe. Pustrels can be found mostly in mines or caves when you farm red veins. They are useful in making the Railjack in Warframe. This guide will include all the details on how to farm Pustrels in Warframe. This is what you need to know about farming Pustrels in the game.


How To Farm Pustrels In Warframe

Pustrels are a vital resource in the expansive universe of Warframe. These red ores play a pivotal role in crafting and building, making them a sought-after commodity among Tenno.

What Are Pustrels And Where To Find It

Pustrels are characterized by their distinct red hue and are primarily used in crafting Railjack components, a crucial aspect of the game. Their significance cannot be understated, especially for players looking to enhance their gameplay.

The primary location to farm Pustrels is the Red Veil nodes on Earth. These nodes are rich in this resource, making them a hotspot for Tenno. Another notable location is Cervantes on Earth, where players can also find a decent amount of Pustrels.


Farming Pustrels

  • Mining on the Plains of Eidolon: The Plains of Eidolon offers a vast landscape filled with resources. To effectively mine Pustrels here, ensure you have a reliable mining tool. Keep an eye out for red veins, as these often indicate the presence of Pustrels.
  • Railjack Missions: Engaging in Railjack skirmishes can also yield Pustrels. During these missions, always check wreckage and points of interest, as they might contain the red ore you’re after.

Optimizing Your Farm

  • Upgrading Your Mining Tool: Using advanced tools like the Sunpoint Plasma Drill can significantly enhance your mining efficiency. This tool not only increases the yield but also ensures a higher chance of obtaining Pustrels.
  • Utilizing Boosters: Resource boosters can double the amount of Pustrels you collect. Investing in these boosters can drastically reduce the time you spend farming.
  • Teaming Up: Farming in a squad can be more efficient than going solo. Teaming up with fellow Tenno can help cover more ground and increase the chances of finding Pustrels.

Pustrels are an indispensable resource in Warframe. By following the above strategies and investing time in farming, players can ensure a steady supply of this vital ore.

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