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Warframe: How To Get Qorvex (Its Abilities And Parts Farming)


Qorvex is a new Warframe introduced with the “Whispers in the Walls” update alongside Vosfar. Known for being a powerhouse, Qorvex offers unique abilities and high survivability. This Warframe is designed by Albrecht Entrati to protect a Chosen Operator from specific hazards.

There are two main ways to obtain Qorvex in Warframe:

  1. Normal Progression Path: This involves standard gameplay and completing specific tasks or challenges within the game.
  2. In-Game Store: Qorvex can also be obtained through purchases in the in-game store, offering a more straightforward, albeit likely paid, path to acquiring this Warframe.

To get started with obtaining Qorvex, players must first complete the “Whispers in the Walls” main quest. This quest is crucial as it likely unlocks the subsequent steps required to acquire Qorvex.

Qorvex’s Abilities

One of Qorvex’s abilities includes summoning a Chyrinka Pillar that slows enemies. This ability causes Qorvex to jump and slam into the ground, causing stagger to nearby enemies and assembling a radioactive pillar.

Qorvex specializes in dealing radioactive damage, mostly AOE, which can slow and even explode enemies.

How To Farm Qorvex In Warframe

After completing the “Whispers in the Walls” quest in Warframe, players will find themselves at a hub named LOID. To start farming Qorvex, players should take the stairs and speak to Fish Fibonacci to access the bounties.

The first bounty rewards players with the Qorvex Neuroptics and requires farming specific resources. The second bounty provides the Qorvex Chassis, using similar resources. The third bounty grants the Qorvex Systems.

First Bounty.
Second Bounty.
Third Bounty.

The Mandible Blueprint, related to a new Arch-gun, is available as part of the quest rewards. Players can find it in their inbox after completing the “Whispers in the Walls” quest.

Players also have the options to purchase Qorvex parts by speaking to Bird Three and accessing Bros Wares. Here, players can find the Qorvex Chassis, Neuroptics, and System, as well as the Qorvex Blueprint, which is available for those who may have lost it.

Players have the option to buy Qorvex with Platinum from the market, a faster method compared to farming.

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