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Warframe: How To Get Energy Nexus Mod And What It’s Used For


Unlocking the full potential of your Warframe hinges on effective mod utilization. The Energy Nexus mod is for enhanced energy regeneration and is a key component Warframe. This guide provides a straightforward path on how to get Energy Nexus Mod in Warframe and how to use it.

Every Method To Get Energy Nexus Mod In Warframe

The Energy Nexus mod is a valuable addition to any Warframe arsenal, and there are specific ways to acquire it.

You can get the Energy Nexus mod by defeating the Suzerain variant of the Fragmented boss in the Assassination node Effervo. Additionally, eliminating Rogue Voidrigs, Bonewidows, or Anatomizers can also yield this mod. These encounters are part of the Entrati Labs nodes in the Whispers in the Walls update​​.

Alternative Methods

Players can also obtain the Energy Nexus mod from Orokin Sabotage Caches on Lua, with a higher drop chance when playing in a group. Participating in Arbitrations is another viable route, where the mod can be purchased using Vitus Essence from the Arbitration store. This method guarantees the drop once you have enough Vitus Essence, although acquiring Vitus Essence can be challenging​​.

Warframe’s trading system allows players to acquire the Energy Nexus mod from other players. However, its market value can fluctuate, so it’s advisable to monitor the prices before engaging in a trade​​.

Note: There are two new Warframes (Qorvex and Vosfar) that can utilize Energy Nexus Mods.

What Does Energy Nexus Mod Do And What It’s Used For

The Energy Nexus mod significantly enhances a Warframe’s capabilities by offering +3 Energy Regen/s, which is additive to any existing Energy Regen​​. This makes it particularly useful for Warframes with high energy consumption, such as Dagath. However, players should note that it occupies a mod slot, which could be used for other mods​​.

It’s essential to be strategic in using the Energy Nexus mod due to the occupied mod slot. Prioritizing its use in builds where energy regen is crucial can optimize its benefits. Combining the Energy Nexus mod with other mods that enhance energy regeneration or reduce energy consumption can create a more efficient and powerful build.

Consider the overall balance of your Warframe build. While the Energy Nexus mod provides a substantial boost in energy, it shouldn’t compromise other critical aspects like survivability or damage output.

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