Warframe Cubic Diodes Farming Guide: How To Farm Cubic Diobe

Warframe Cubic Diodes

Warframe just released one of the biggest updates ever known as “The Rising Tide”. The update introduces new vehicles, crafting options and new items known as Cubic Diodes. These Cubic Diodes are very much useful to build and operate a Railjack Cephalic aircraft. This guide will include all the details on how to farm Cubic Diodes in Warframe.

How to farm Cubic Diode In Warframe

Cubic Diodes in Warframe can only be obtained by collecting the drops of Eximus units. You might have encountered them a few times while exploring. They are not your ordinary enemies as they have more high health and damage.

The Eximus units have similarities with the Warframe like abilities and are very powerful units. They have the ability to spawn fire blasts at enemies or spawn shields. These units can also make other ally units become more powerful. Now getting back on topic finding Eximus units is our no 1 priority.

Warframe Cubic Diodes

The Eximus Droides drop around 5-10 Cubic Droids when they are killed. Obviously if you have resource boosters with you that can change and the Droids you receive would be increased in value.

There are a few ways you can earn Cubic Diodes from Eximus units. You can go to Kuva Lich in Ceres and complete the mission there. They will appear in this area very often and you can slay them for a lot of Cubic Droids. You can do missions such as Defense missions or endless missions.

Defense missions can be found at Seimeni and Casta. The later rotations in these missions will spawn more Eximus units. In endless missions, found in Ceres, after for say 15 waves the Eximus units come quite often. Thus you can gain a lot of Cubic Cruises by killing them and collecting the drops.

Try obtaining Pilfering Hydroid and Despoil Nekros as they can also increase the drops you get from Eximus units.

That is all for our Warframe Cubic Diodes Farming Guide. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our guide on errors that players encounter and how you can fix them.