Warframe: How To Farm Cubic Diodes


Warframe just released one of the biggest updates ever known as “The Rising Tide”. The update introduces new vehicles, crafting options and new items known as Cubic Diodes. These Cubic Diodes are very much useful to build and operate a Railjack Cephalic aircraft. This guide will include all the details on how to farm Cubic Diodes in Warframe.

How To Farm Cubic Diode In Warframe

Cubic Diodes are primarily used in the creation of Corpus photon-networks. With the Rising Tide update, their importance grew as they became a necessary component for crafting parts of the Railjack. These resources are primarily found in the ice planet tilesets and are dropped by Eximus units on Europa.

Where to Farm Cubic Diodes

The primary location to farm Cubic Diodes in Warframe is on the Ice Planet tileset on Europa. Here’s a breakdown of the best methods for Cubic Diodes farming:

  • Larzac (Europa): Larzac is a mission set in the Ice Planet tileset. It offers a vast area, allowing players to move freely without much worry from distant attacks. The mission primarily features Infested enemies, which are relatively easy to defeat, especially from a distance. Being a Dark Sector mission, Larzac also provides a 25% resource drop rate bonus, increasing the chances of Cubic Diodes dropping. It’s worth noting that Eximus units, which drop the Cubic Diodes, don’t spawn immediately. Players might need to stay in the mission for extended periods, such as 10 minutes or more, to see them appear. Group farming sessions on Larzac can yield between 40 to 100 Cubic Diodes in approximately 20 minutes (or around 20 waves).
  • Endless Missions: Engaging in endless missions can be beneficial as more enemies equate to more items. The more enemies you face, the higher the chances of encountering Eximus units, which drop the Cubic Diodes.
  • Dark Sector Defense on Larzec Node: This mission type is particularly efficient for farming Cubic Diodes. Additionally, Kuva Lich and Arbitrations missions also spawn Eximus units, offering another avenue for farming.
  • Use of Specific Warframes: Some Warframes can enhance resource farming. For instance, Nekros with his Desecrate ability can increase the drop rate of resources from enemies.

Crafting with Cubic Diodes

Once you’ve gathered enough Cubic Diodes, you can start crafting parts of your Railjack. Remember, 100 Cubic Diodes are required to construct the Railjack’s fuselage. After collecting the necessary resources, the fuselage takes 12 hours to build. While waiting, you can gather other resources needed for the Railjack, such as Credits, Plastids, Rubedo, and Neural Sensors.

Farming Cubic Diodes requires a mix of strategy and persistence. By following this guide and focusing on the mentioned missions and strategies, you’ll be well on your way to crafting your Railjack in Warframe.

That is all for our Warframe Cubic Diodes Farming Guide. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our guide on errors that players encounter and how you can fix them.

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