Wait for It is the first challenge for VoG that must be completed during the Confluxes encounter. Completing the challenge unlocks a triumph for the Fatebreaker seal and rewards an additional Pinnacle. Out of all the VoG raid challenges, this one is the easiest one. The challenge does require a lot of communication, running over to different confluxes, managing waves of enemies, some good burst-DPS weapons. In this guide, we’ve detailed all there’s to know about how to complete the Wait for It challenge in Vault of Glass.

Vault of Glass Wait for It Challenge

The challenge requires Guardians to not defeat the Wyverns until after they’ve started to sacrifice at the confluxes. As mentioned earlier, it’s simple to manage. First, let’s talk about DPS options:

  • Weapons: Xenophage, Wardcliff Coil, The Fourth Horseman, The Lament, Rocket Launchers with Vorpal Weapon
  • Supers: Thundercrash, Blade Barrage, Nova Bomb, Chaos Reach

Remember that these are just DPS options. Have a couple of fireteam members on Well of Riddance with Phoenix Protocol can help a lot with survival.

Note: Make sure to have something to disrupt Overload Champions in the area as well.

Once the encounter begins, divide into 3 teams of 2 in order to clear left, right, and middle of the area. One thing to note here is that confluxes become active in order. First, only one conflux is active, then two become active, and lastly, all three get activated.

Continue to clear adds at all three areas until a conflux appears and Wyverns begin to spawn in. It’s a good practice to lower a Wyvern’s HP using Primaries to make it easier to burst them down in the sacrifice animation. Sometimes, 2-3 Wyverns will spawn back-to-back at one side so make sure to care for that. Also, don’t forget to ask teammates for help if needed.

Wyverns need to be killed whenever the confluxes go a little red and Wyverns begin to disintegrate. It may require a couple of runs but it’s simple to complete.

This is all we’ve got in how to complete the Wait for It challenge in Vault of Glass. For more help on the game, feel free to check out our detailed Destiny 2 wiki guides.

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