Victoria 3 is the latest strategy game from Paradox Interactive. The game has proven to be very popular among players. However, Victoria 3 PC players are experiencing errors and issues like Paradox launcher v2 not installing, in-game crash, General Error: We were unable to PARSE the launcher settings, Launching Failed, and more. The following are the errors that PC players report, along with their fixes.

General Error Unable PARSE Launcher Settings Fix

Victoria 3 players are experiencing the General Error: We were unable to PARSE the launcher settings. The followings is the full error message and how to fix it.

General Error
We were unable to parse the launcher setting file. Settings.format version should be integer. Settings.formatVersion should be equal to constant. Make sure you have the right configuration and try again

Right-click Victoria 3 in Steam library > Manage > Browse Local Files. A new window will open with the game’s files. Open the Launcher folder > launch the ‘launcher-installer-windows.msi’ file. Install the Paradox Launcher, and the error will be fixed.

If the error persists after installing the launcher, go to the game folder as mentioned above > open Launcher folder > and open launcher-settings.json in notepad > change the ‘FormatVersion’ to 1. Save the changes, launch Victoria 3, and the error won’t appear again.

Paradox Launcher V2 Not Installing Fix

Victoria 3 PC players report that Paradox Launcher v2 isn’t installing with the following error message.

c:\\WINDOWS\Installer\MSIADF.tmp is not a valid win32 application and fails to install.

Paradox Launcher v2 isn’t installing for Victoria 3 because of your username. Players report that if the Windows username is in any language other than English, Paradox Launcher v2 won’t install. Change your Windows username using English alphabets, and Paradox Launcher v2 will install for Victoria 3, and you’ll be able to play the game.

Crash Fix

Victoria 3 PC players report that the game is crashing in-game, and here are the fixes. Open the task manager and look for a process named NahimicService and end this process. Players report that stopping the NahimicService fixes the Victoria 3 crash.

Using third-party tools and software like MSI Afterburner, driver/software for a peripheral, or any software that might interfere with the game can cause Victoria 3 to crash. Disable any third-party tool you use, and the game will stop crashing.

Launching Failed Install Visual C++ Redistributable Fix

Victoria 3 PC players are experiencing the following Visual C++ Redistributable error, and here are the fixes.

Launching the game failed. Please verify the integrity of your game files. If you are using windows, you may also need to install Visual C++ Redistributable and .NET Framework.

This error is popping up for those PC users with a CPU that doesn’t support the AVX instruction set. The only fix to this is to upgrade your CPU.

If your CPU supports the AVX instruction set and you are still experiencing the Visual C++ Redistributable error, go to C:\Windows\SysWOW64 and copy the dbghelp.dll file. Right-click Victoria 3 in Steam > Manage > Browse local files. A new window will open with the game’s files. Paste the file into the binaries folder. Launch Victoria 3, and the Visual C++ Redistributable error is now fixed.

That is all for our Victoria 3 fixes for errors and issues like in-game crashes, General Error Unable PARSE Launcher Settings, launcher failed, Paradox Launcher v2, and more. If you are facing errors and issues with other PC games or your PC, then also see our hub for commonly occurring PC errors and their fixes.

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