Victoria 3 can be a bit challenging especially if you are new to the genre. Luckily, you can use cheat codes and console commands to make things a bit easier. In his Victoria 3 guide, we go over all the cheat codes, console commands and how you can use them.

Victoria 3 Cheat Codes And Console Commands

Before going over the cheat codes and console commands you need to know how to enable them. You need to open the game launcher and head into the settings. Then go down and select the option to open the game in Debug mode. After that select the launch button.

Victoria 3 will then launch in debug mode allowing you to use cheats and commands. If you are playing the game on Steam, you will need to add “-debug_mode” to the launch commands option. With that out of the way, the following are all the cheat codes and console commands that you can use in Victoria 3:

Cheat Code/Console CommandEffect
add_approval (interest group) (amount)Add approval modifier to given interest group
add_clout (interest group) (amount)Add or remove clout of the interest group by changing their political strength
add_ideology (interest group) (ideology)Add an ideology to a given interest group
add_loyalists (culture) (amount)Adds loyalists to culture
add_radicals (culture) (amount)Adds radicals to culture
add_relations (country) (amount)Change relations with selected country
yesmenAI will agree to all diplomatic proposals and sway offers from players
wagerate (building) (rate)Get or Set a building’s wage rate
treatyport (state region tag)Takes treaty port in state region
tag (country tag)Switch control to another country
switchlanguage (language name)Reload localization files and switch language
skip_migrationEnable skip migration mode
show_goalsShow AI goals.
set_pollution_level (state region tag) (amount)Set pollution level in specified state region
set_devastation_level (state region tag) (amount)Set devastation level in specified state region
researchAcquire tech
province_borders (true / false)Toggles showing of province borders
portrait_editorPortrait editor
popstatPrint out the amount of active pops
own (province id / state region tag) (country tag)Change the owner of specified province or state region
observestart observing the game
nosecessionNo secession mode
norevolutionNo revolution mode
Music.StopTrackStop track
Music.ResetReset Music
Music.PlayTrack (track name)Play Specified music
Music.PauseFactorPause track
money (amount)Add money
mapmode (mapmode)Switch map mode
Map.SavePNG (map mode) (file name)Save PNG of map
map_editorToggle map editor
kill_character (character name)Eliminate specified character
help (command name)Print all console commands or a specific command description.
force_oosMake client go out of sync in multiplayer
find_unemployedFind and report all unemployed pops
fasttravelsEnable fast travel mode
fastsecessionFast secession mode
fastrevolutionFast revolution mode
fastresearchFast research mode
fastmobilizeFast mobilize mode
fastinterestsFast interests mode
fastinstitutionsFast institutions mode
fasthireFast hire mode
fastenactFast enact mode
fastbuildFast build mode
event (event name) (country tag / province id)Executes an event
escalate (amount)Add escalation to your diplomatic plays
enable_ai (all / tag)Enable AI
disable_pop_growthDisable pop growth
disable_ai (all / tag)Disable AI
Debug.TextureMode [Name of debug mode]Enables a texture mode for debugging
debug_modeToggles debug mode
date (date in format date
create_political_movement (law type)Create a political movement
create_country (country definition) (country type) (culture) (state id)Create a country
create_ai (self / all / tag)Create AI for country or countries
crashCause the application to crash
conquerall (country tag)Set all enemy provinces under your control
check_pollution_level (state region tag)Print out pollution for specified state region
changestatepop (state id) (pop type / all) (amount)Change the pop size of the given pop type ( can be ‘all’ ).
change_law (law) (country)Change a law in a country
Camera.SaveSave camera position
Camera.LoadLoad camera position
Browser.OpenURL (url)Opens up a url
audio.play_event (audio event)Play audio event
audio.list_eventsList audio event
audio.cpu_infoShows current cpu usage
annex_allAnnex all other countries
annex (country tag or id)Annex a country
ai.goal (country tag) (goal type)Check AI goal

These are all the cheat codes and console commands that you can use in Victoria 3 and how you can enable them.

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