Paradox Interactive has released its new strategy game, Victoria 3. If you are new to the genre then the different mechanics of the game can get a bit overwhelming. Fear not, in this Victoria 3 beginner’s guide, we are going to go over some tips and tricks that will help you get started.

Victoria 3 Tips And Tricks

The following are some tips and tricks that you should keep in mind when playing Victoria 3:

Learn The Game Mode

When first starting a new game, there is a Learn The Game mode that we recommend checking out. This is going to walk you through the basics. This should help you figure out how the different mechanics in the game work.

Customize Game Rules To Your Liking

When setting up a game, check out the game rules. You can customize these according to your liking and change different settings such as AI aggression and formable nations. Try different settings to see what works best for you.

Keep An Eye on The Situation Log

At the top of the screen, you will find the situation log. This is going to tell you about the scenarios in the game and where you are lagging behind. This is a nice tool to use to figure out what you need to do next. Use the helpful hints that you get from the log to catch up.

Keep The Standard Of Living Up

Increasing the standard of living is going to increase the growth rate of your population. It keeps the people happy and keeps them from becoming radical. You can maintain a good standard of living with a steady flow of low-cost staple goods. Note that some states do have bonuses for the production of some staple goods. Check to see whether you should build your own production or import goods.

Exploit Natural Resources

Natural resources that your nation has are very important and you should exploit them. These are going to be crucial to building a strong economy especially if you are going to go deep into trading. The more resources you have the better supply of luxury goods construction lines.

Build Construction Offices Early

Some nations start off wealthy. If that is the case then we recommend building construction offices early on. This will help you kickstart your industries. Do note that each construction office does increase your national expenses so do not make too many of them.

Avoid Quick Expansion

Once you are in a good position you might be tempted to take over surrounding lands by creating alliances or by force. Be careful about expanding your nation too quickly as integrating new territories requires a lot of Beaurocracy which can create difficulty for a couple of years.

Prioritize Agriculture Industry Early Game

Early on we recommend setting up a resource or agriculture industry as this will provide consistent access to low-cost input goods down the line which can be used by other industries. This will boost the standard of living.

These are some tips and tricks that will help you win in Victoria 3. If you are interested in learning more then you can check out our guide on all the cheat codes and console commands and how to use them.

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