Are you a fan of Vampire Survivors looking to add a new twist to your gaming experience? Then look no further than the newly-added Magic Banger relic. This item, introduced in the game’s 0.5.2 patch, allows players to have complete control over the game’s music options, breaking the previously-locked associations between characters, stages, and weapons.

With the Magic Banger, players can now choose any background music they want for any stage, regardless of their current character or weapon selection. It’s a small but fun addition that could provide a whole new layer of enjoyment for fans of the game. Keep reading to discover how to obtain this new item and explore the exciting new locations it unlocks.

How to Find Magic Banger Relic in Vampire Survivors

If you’ve been reading many articles and guides about this topic online and find yourself confused, you’re not alone. Some report that the Magic Banger is in the Inlaid Library but that’s not true anymore. To find Magic Banger in Vampire Survivors you need to look for it inside the Mad Forest.

Where to Find Magic Banger in Vampire Survivors

Complete list of Music Available in Vampire Survivors

Song NamePlays In
Extinguished FlameAvatar Infernas (Boss)
It Stares BackAvatar Infernas
Inlaid Library Secret Area
Before Concession XHoly Forbidden
The Eudaimonia MachineEudaimonia Machine
Temptation of the OccultSecrets
Dust ElementalsBestiary
Sole SolutionSigma
Moms are ToughZi’Assunta
Peji EighteenConcetta
Song of ManaPoppea
Gatti AmariGiovanna
Red & BluePugnala
Roaring ThundersTiny Bridge
Mighty IllusionBat Country
I Might SurviveBoss Rash
Needs more FightingBoss Rash
Born to be UndeadThe Bone Zone
Unholy InvocationThe Bone Zone
No Mortals AllowedGreen Acres
Barely Staying AliveMoongolow
When the Clouds DrownMoongolow
Vempair SurvaivorsIl Molise
I’m Every ReaperCappella Magna
Before ConcessionCappella Magna
Castle PeopleGallo Tower
Gaze up at the StarsGallo Tower
Iron Green IntentDairy Plant
It’s Raining MinotaursDairy Plant
The BeginingMad Forest
Forest Night FeverMad Forest
Reincarnated EchoesInlaid Library
Libro InfernoInlaid Library
Happy BirthdaySammy (once at level 30)
The World EaterJe-Ne-Viv (Boss)
Genevieve Gruyère
Ashes of the BanishedAbyss Foscari
The Heart of the WorldLuminaire Foscari
Hide and StealKeitha Muort
Slaying DragonsMaruto Cuts
An Introduction to SorceryEleanor Uziron
Tides of the FoscariLake Foscari

The game features music modifiers that alter the way the game’s soundtrack is played. Choosing hyper mode will change all stage themes to a higher tempo and key, while selecting inverse mode will switch the themes of Stages 1-5, Moongolow, Bone Zone, and Boss Rash to their “Side B” tracks. Each theme has three modifiers: normal, hyper, and forsaken. The hyper modifier increases the tempo and key, while the forsaken modifier decreases both.

Things You Need to Know About Magic Banger

  • As Giovanna levels up her companion Gatti Amari, her theme gradually shifts from a slower tempo to a faster one, creating a dynamic experience for the player.
  • In a previous update (0.7.3), the Magic Banger was located at the western end of the Inlaid Library starting area. However, the developers have since moved its location to another spot.
  • The Green Acres Challenge has undergone a name change in patch 0.9.0 and is now known as No Mortals Allowed, giving it a more ominous and foreboding tone.
  • The Forsaken variation of Iron Green Intent was originally played in The Bone Zone, but it was replaced by Unholy Invocation in patch 0.10.0, providing a fresh and new soundtrack to the stage.
  • In an earlier version of the game (prior to patch 1.0), Il Molise’s theme was Song of Mana, but the developers decided to replace it with Vempair Survivors for a more engaging and immersive experience.
  • Boss Rash’s theme used to be No Mortals Allowed, but in patch 1.0, the developers replaced it with Needs More Fighting, resulting in a more energizing and intense soundtrack for the boss battle.

That’s everything you need to know on where to find Magic Banger in Vampire Survivors.

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