Gallo Tower map was added to Vampire Survivors last year and features magical artifacts and historically accurate monsters, providing players with a thrilling and engaging gameplay experience. The Gallo Tower map has a long vertical layout and offers two unique passive items and two new Relics, including the Sorceress’ Tears and the Randomazzo.

In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to unlock the Gallo Tower map, as well as provide you with some tips on how to best utilize the Relics and passive items that are available on this map. So, let’s dive into the world of Vampire Survivors and unlock the mysteries of the Gallo Tower Map.

How to Unlock Gallo Tower Map

How to Unlock Gallo Tower

Gallo Tower In-Game Description: “This tower holds great magical artifacts and historically accurate monsters.”

To unlock the Gallo Tower Map in Vampire Survivors, players must first reach Level 40 in the Inlaid Library, which will unlock the Dairy Plant stage. Players must then complete the Dairy Plant stage and reach Level 60 in that stage. Once the player reaches Level 60, they will receive a notification, and they can close the Dairy Plant stage and return to the main menu. From there, players can enter the new Gallo Tower Map.

It’s important to note that players do not have to complete their run after reaching Level 60 in the Dairy Plant stage. They can immediately leave and enter the Gallo Tower Map. Additionally, players do not need to unlock Hurry Mode or the Arcana system before accessing the content in Gallo Tower. These features will still be unlocked even if players exit the game and return to it later.

The Gallo Tower Map is vertically shaped, so players should consider building a character with skills that allow them to deal damage while moving up and down the map efficiently. Additionally, players should be cautious not to become trapped in the alcoves along the sides of the wall while fighting enemies and if you do, the Magic Banger relic can help keep your spirits up.

Gallo Tower Coffin Location (Concetta’s Coffin)

To find Concetta’s Coffin in Vampire Survivors, follow these steps:

  1. Collect the Milky Way Map to unlock the pause map.
  2. Start a run on Gallo Tower.
  3. Follow the arrow on the map to the question mark.
  4. Go up and down the tower around the question mark until you reach a floor with a mirror on the left and a fireplace on the right.
  5. Walk into the glowing mirror to enter a small room.
  6. Walk down to find the coffin.
  7. Defeat the enemies guarding it.
  8. Pop the lid open by walking over it to rescue Concetta.
  9. Walk out the mirror in the special room to return to the main area of Gallo Tower.
  10. Either quit out of your run or complete it to unlock Concetta and her Shadow Pinion weapon.

Remember that finding Concetta’s Coffin is just the first step in unlocking her character. You still need to purchase her with gold in the main menu to have access to her in future runs.

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