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Vampire Survivors: How To Get Atlas Gate Relic On Boss Rash


Getting the Atlas Gate Relic in Vampire Survivors on the Boss Rash Stage involves a straightforward process. To start this quest, you first have to unlock the Boss Rash stage. This stage becomes available once you’ve unlocked Hyper Mode for all five normal stages in Vampire Survivors, which is achieved by surviving for 25 minutes on each of these stages​​​​.

Once you have unlocked the Boss Rash stage, your objective is to survive for 7 minutes. After successfully surviving for this duration, the Atlas Gate Relic will appear in the middle of the stage. You must then navigate your character to this spot and collect the relic​​.

Atlas Gate Relic Spawn Location

An interesting feature on the Boss Rash stage is the presence of Hourglasses. These Hourglasses appear on the left side of the map at specific intervals (0:30, 1:30, 2:30, and so on). By crossing over these Hourglasses, you can speed up the in-game time, effectively fast-forwarding to the next minute. This can be a strategic advantage to reach the 7-minute mark more quickly and thus gain access to the Atlas Gate Relic sooner​​.

In terms of gameplay strategy, it is recommended to choose a powerful character with whom you are comfortable. Characters like Queen Sigma or Red Death are suggested for their strengths and abilities, which can be crucial in surviving the intense challenges of the Boss Rash stage​​.

Completing this challenge and obtaining the Atlas Gate Relic unlocks Adventure Mode in Vampire Survivors, offering a new dimension of gameplay and further challenges​​.

It is also worth noting that for players seeking a shortcut, there is an alternative method to unlock the Boss Rash stage by using a cheat code. This can be done by opening the Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane and typing “peakgamedesign”​​. However, using this method may not provide the same level of satisfaction and accomplishment as unlocking the stage through regular gameplay.

Addressing the “Atlas Gate Not Spawning” Issue in “Vampire Survivors”

Some players have encountered a scenario where, despite having adventures unlocked, the Atlas Gate is not spawning as expected. This issue was specifically noted after playing a normal game in the Dairy Plant, where an already opened coffin was interacted with again​​.

  • Key Requirement: To resolve this issue,you need to have the Yellow Sign relic. The Yellow Sign relic is a prerequisite for the Atlas Gate to spawn​​.
  • User Experience: A player confirmed that after acquiring the Yellow Sign relic, the issue with the Atlas Gate not spawning was resolved, even though adventures were already unlocked​​.
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