Valorant might look like CS: GO but it is a much different game. In this Valorant tips and tricks guide, we are going to go over some useful tips and tricks that you should keep in mind while playing the game. These tips and strategies will help you get better at the game and win.


Valorant Tips And Tricks

The following are some tips and tricks that you should keep in mind when playing Valorant:

Make The Most Of The Buy Phase

At the start of a round, you can use the in-game currency to get weapons, armor and abilities. This is what we call the buy phase. The number of credits that you get depends on the actions of the previous round. If you died quickly then the number of credits that you get are going to be low but if you killed a few people then you will get many more credits.


Every play on the winning side gets 3000 credits, while the losing side only gets 1900. Many of the weapons are similar to that of CS: GO. Which weapons work for you will depend on your playstyle so be sure to experiment.

The Phantom is a great assault rifle for mid and long-range combat. Try other weapons to see which ones match your playstyle.

Prioritize Armor

Armor and abilities are the two things that your team cannot buy for you. You need to stack up on armor whenever you have the chance. There are two kinds of armors in the game that you can get. Light armor costs $400 and provides 25 extra HP. Heavy armor costs $1000 and provides 50 extra HP.


Buy Abilities In The First Round

You should focus on buying abilities that will help your team in the first round. This is when everyone is going to have a weapon of some kind.

No Running And Gunning

Valorant Tips


Do not run and shoot at the same time. If you do that, you will miss 90% of your shots.

Learn The Agent Abilities

While Valorant is similar to CS: GO, the abilities of the agents makes it different. Each agent has 4 abilities. The Signature ability is free each round. There are two others that need to be purchased and an ultimate ability. You need to know about the abilities that the different agents can use in order to counter them.

Recommended Agents

The following are the agents that we recommend you check out if you are just getting started:

Map Awareness

There are three different maps in the game right now and with the passage of time more will be added. If you want to get good at the game then you will need to know your way around the map. This is crucial indeed. Take your time and learn the different maps in order to get the upper hand.

Use Everything Before Round 12

You should use everything that you have before the end of round 12. After that, it will be lost. So, you should not waste it. Make the most out of the things that you have.

Running Vs Walking

Running makes a lot of sounds in the game while walking does not. Weapon accuracy is also going to be affected by this. Try walking in order to go unheard rather than running wildly.

Use The Corners

Valorant Tips

Using the right angles in the game is very important. That is why you should use corners to your advantage. Peaking from corners is going to get you the best line of sight. You can use this advantage to check on an enemy or use an ability.

Communication Is Key

Just like any other multiplayer game, communication is very important. Even if you are playing with random players, you are going to need to communicate if you want to win. Coordinate your efforts with your team in order to make the most of any situation.

Get Guns From Your Mates

An interesting feature in the game is the ability to request guns from your teammates. You can do this in the buying phase.

Slow And Steady

This is not Call of Duty. One wrong move and you can lose the round. Take things slowly. Try to plan things out beforehand with your team. There are going to be exceptions but you cannot afford to make mistakes in Valorant.

Practice Makes Perfect

This is a shooter so you are going to need some practice in order to get better. If you have played CS: GO then you might find it similar. You can always use the practice mode in order to practice and get better. You can practice shooting, spike planting and spike defusing.

Learn From The Best

Valorant Tips

If you are invested in the game and want to get better at it then we recommend watching the pros play a couple of rounds. You can always learn from people such as Shroud and Dr Disrespect.

That is all for our Valorant tips and tricks guide. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our Valorant guides hub.