Our Valorant Omen Agent Guide will help you with the agent’s abilities and the best strategies that players can use to win.


Valorant Omen Agent

Omen is a support agent who can cut off enemies’ line of sight and can flank enemies by teleporting without even seen.

If you are like to play aggressively, then avoid this agent as this agent is designed to support its allies. Here is a full breakdown of Omen’s abilities and tips on how to use the agent effectively to win.


The following are all of the abilities that Omen can use in battle along with their type, cost and what these abilities can actually do.

Ability Type Cost Charges Description
Shrouded Step Basic 100 Creds 2 After short delay, Oemn to teleport to a certain position on the map without been seen.
Paranoia Basic 200 Creds 1 Launches an orb that can go through walls. Any opponent that is touched by the orb is blinded momentarily.
Dark Cover Signature Free 2 – 35 second cool down Omen throws an orb that explodes into a sphere that blocks the opponent’s line of sight. Omen can control the size of the sphere.
From The Shadows Ultimate 7 Ultimate Orbs 1 Omen can teleport anywhere on the map. However, there is a small channeling time and all enemies will know that a teleport is coming.

Omen Tips And Tricks – How To Win

The best way to use Omen is to sneak around the map and flank enemies from different positions. Players can also use Omen to create misdirection and confuse enemies.

Players can use the Dark cover ability to make the enemy team think that you are coming from another part of the map. This can give the player’s team the time to rotate and attack from another part of the map.

As for Paranoia, it’s like a flashbang that blinds enemies for a while. However, in this case, Omen throws a dark orb that goes throw walls and any opponent player that touches it will temporarily be blinded.

Use the Shrouded Step to teleport Omen to a higher point and take out enemies from there. However, players will be exposed from such a position so it’s recommended to either use Paranoia to temporarily blind enemies or use Dark Cover to protect your self while you teleport.


From The Shadows is the ultimate ability for Omen. While it may seem tempting to use it as soon as it’s charged but, there is more to it. Since every enemy player will know that you are teleporting, use it to teleport to a safe position. The first position the enemies will look will be behind them, keep that in consideration while teleporting.

That is all for our Valorant Omen Agent Guide with on this agent’s abilities and how to effectively use them to your advantage. For more on the game also see our Cypher Agent Guide and Raze Agent Guide.

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