Our Valorant Cypher Agent Guide will help you understand how you can effectively use the agent to your advantage in order to win.


Valorant Cypher Agent

Cypher is a Sentinel agent who specializes in recon. This agent can lock down flanks to protect his allies. Not only that, Cypher can also use cameras to recon the area ahead before the whole team rushes in.

Obviously, Cypher is a support agent and below is the breakdown of his abilities and strategies on how you can effectively use this agent to win.


The following are all of the abilities of Cypher including his basic abilities, signature ability, and his Ultimate ability.

Ability Type Cost Charges Description
Trapwire Basic 200 Creds 2 Places a tripwire between two walls. Any opponent walking through it will be stuck there temporarily revealing their location to the entire team. If the stuck player fails to destroy the tripwire then it’ll be hit by a stun. Also, Cypher can pick up and reuse the tripwire.
Cyber Cage Basic 100 Creds 2 Cypher places a trap that he can activate at will. Either all at once or one at a time. Any opponent walking through this trap, when activated, will be slowed down.
Spycam Signature Free 1 Cypher places a spycam which reveals the opponent’s location on the minimap if they are caught in the camera’s line of sight. Cypher can also remotely use the spycam to shoot tracking darts on enemies, revealing their position.
Neural Theft Ultimate 6 Ultimate Orbs 1 Reveals the location of all remaining opponents and throwing his hat on a dead opponent will hack into for intel.

Cypher Tips And Tricks – How To Win

As I mentioned above, Cypher is a support agent who can spy on enemies. He can use his abilities to lure opponents into his traps along with revealing their position. Players can combine Cypher’s abilities to block flanks and support their allies in battle.

Place the Spycam near the bomb site to keep an eye on the location while players can hold another position on the map. If checking in the bomb site isn’t your style then the spycam can be placed to monitor corners, rushing points, and revealing the opponent’s location.

Furthermore, Spycam can be used to shoot tracking darts on enemies. This will reveal their position even through the wall. Use the Operator Sniper to st up wall bangs.

Cyber Cage is best used for defense. Players can place the trap and activate it when an opponent gets close, this will not only slow them don but will also make it hard on them to spot the trap. Players can also hide near the trap and when an opponent is slowed down, they can come ut and surprise them.


Tripwires are best used for blocking flanks. Not only it’ll trap the opponent who walks through it but, will also reveal the location to every teammate.

Neural Theft is the ultimate ability for Cypher. The best time for this ability’s use is when the enemy team is outnumbered and players need to find them. Using this ability, players can also hack into the dead body on an opponent. However, this will also reveal the players’s location to the opponents.

That is all for our Valorant Cypher Agent Guide with tips on all of its abilities and how to effectively use its abilities. For more on the game also see our Sage Agent Guide and Raze Agent Guide.