Valheim Workbench Upgrade Guide – How To, Tips

Upgrade the Workbench in Valheim

Workbench in Valheim is needed for crafting and building. While the default Workbench is fully functional and can do almost everything needed in the early game, upgrading it is generally a good idea. However, to upgrade the Workbench in the game, players are needed to first unlock the upgrade recipe and then find the required materials. In this Valheim guide, we’ve provided a complete overview of all the things needed to upgrade the Workbench to Level 4 in the game.

Upgrade the Workbench in Valheim

As of right now, players can upgrade their Workbench to a maximum of Level 4. Unlocking the Level 4 Workbench, however, requires the completion of a few objectives. But before we get to that, these are the upgrades that players can get in the game:

  • Level 1: Default Workbench
  • Level 2: Chopping Block Workbench
  • Level 3: Tanning Rack Workbench
  • Level 4: Adze Workbench

Everyone starts the game with the default Workbench which can be upgraded all the way to an Adze Workbench. However, players must work through the ranks and aren’t simply able to jump directly from Level 1 to Level 4.

First, let’s talk about unlocking the default Workbench – it requires 10x Wood and can be created from the Hammer Menu in the inventory.

In order to unlock the Chopping Block Workbench upgrade recipe, players need to have a default Workbench and then find 1x Flint. After unlocking the recipe, players need to work on the upgrade with 10x Wood and 10x Flint.

For the Tanning Rack Workbench upgrade recipe, players are required to hunt a deer. To upgrade requires 10x Wood, 15x Flint, 20x Leather Scrap, and 5x Deer Hide.

Lastly, to get the Adze Workbench recipe, players will need to collect 1x Fine Wood from a birch tree and have a few Bronze Nails from smelting Bronze Ingots. Upgrading to the Adze Workbench requires 10x Fine Wood and 3x Bronze Nails.

As mentioned earlier, the Workbench in Valheim cannot be upgraded past Level 4 as of right now. However, like all other Early Access games out there, things are always subject to change. We’ll upgrade our guide in the future if such a change ever appears.

That’s all we’ve got in how to upgrade the workbench in Valheim. For more help on the game, feel free to check out our detailed Valheim wiki guides.

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