There are so many tools in Valheim that it often becomes hard to keep track. However, each tool serves an important purpose and as you progress, you unlock more tools recipes in Valheim. In this guide, you will find the complete list of Valheim tools crafting recipes.

Some of the tools are extremely important early on such as the workbench, hammer, and the Antler Axe. Craft these tools first in Valheim as they help you progress.

Valheim Tools Crafting Recipes List

Tools  Crafting Recipes 
  • 10x Fine Wood
  • 3x Bronze
Antler Pickaxe
  • 10x Wood
  • 1x Hard antler
  • 5x Wood
  • 2x Bronze
Artisans Table n/a 
Bed Wood x8
Blackmetal axe
  • 6x Fine wood
  • 20x Black metal bar
  • 5x Linen Thread
Bronze Axe n/a 
Bronze Pickaxe
  • 1x Core wood
  • 5x Bronze ingot (10x for level 2)
  • 5x Stone
  • 2x Wood
Cauldron 10x Tin
Charcoal Kiln
  • 20x Stone
  • 5x Surtling Core
Chopping Block
  • 10x Wood
  • 10x Flint
Cooking station 2x Wood
  • 3x Wood
  • 2x Stone
Flint spear
  • 5x Wood
  • 10x Flint
  • 2x Leather Scraps
  • 5x Wood
  • 2x Stone
  • 5x Core Wood
  • 5x Bronze
  • 30x Fine Wood
  • 5x Bronze
  • 10x Resin
  • Forge
Flint axe
  • 4x Wood
  • 6x Flint
  • 4x Stone
  • 4x Coal
  • 10x Wood
  • 6x Cooper
Forge Bellows
  • 5x Wood
  • 5x Deer Hide
  • 4x Chain
Forge Cooler
  • 25x Fine Wood
  • 10x Copper
Forge Toolrack
  • 15x Iron
  • 10x Wood
Grinding Wheel
  • 25x Wood
  • 1x Sharpening Stone
Hearth 15x Stone 
  • 100x Iron Nails
  • 10x Deer Hide
  • 40x Fine Wood
  • 40x Ancient Bark
  • 10x Greydwarf eye
  • 20x Fine Wood
  • 2x Surtling Core
  • 20x Wood
  • 6x Leather Scraps
  • 10x Rasin
  • 20x Stone
  • 5x Surtling Core
Smith’s Anvil
  • 20x Iron
  • 5x Wood
Stone axe
  • 5x Wood
  • 4x Stone
Stone cutter
  • 10 Wood
  • 2x Iron
  • 4x Stone
Stone pickaxe
  • 3x Wood
  • 10x Stone
Tanning Rack
  • 10x Wood
  • 15x Flint
  • 20x Leather Scraps
  • 5x Deer Hide
Tool Shelf 
  • 4x Iron
  • 10x Fine Wood
  • 4x Obsidian
  • 1x Wood
  • 1x Resin
  • 5x Fine Wood
  • 5x Greydward eye
  • 1x Surtling Core
Workbench 10x Wood

And that’s the end of the tools crafting list you need to make the best tools in Valheim. If you need more help with the game check out how to make sausage, weapons crafting recipes, brew meads, Swamp guide.

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