How to Make Obliterator in Valheim


The addition of an Obliterator is probably the best thing that the Hearth and Home update has brought to Valheim. Once built, the Obliterator can be used to get rid of junk – freeing up a lot of space. But how does one craft an Obliterator? In this guide, we have detailed all there is to know about how to make an Obliterator in Valheim.

Valheim Obliterator

To build an Obliterator, items like Iron Ingots, Copper Ingots, and Thunder Stones are needed. Both the Iron Ingots and Copper Ingots are fairly straightforward to find. Thunder Stone, on the other hand, is a new addition to the game. In order to get it, find the roaming vendor in the Black Forest biome – this is not easy though. Once found, buy the Thunder Stone to unlock the recipe for Obliterator. These are the items needed to build it:

8x Iron Ingots + 4x Copper Ingots + 1x Thunder Stone

It is recommended to build the Obliterator right next to the Forge. Once it has been successfully built, simply throw in junk and items that no longer serve a purpose to discard them forever. This is an excellent method of freeing up some space that Valheim lacks.

This is all we have got in how to make an Obliterator in Valheim. Be sure to check out our detailed Valheim wiki page for more help on the game.

Ian Shaw
Ian Shaw
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