Valheim is about surviving as a Viking with friends or alone. Since it’s a game about Vikings, players are bound to get an opportunity to brew and drink mead. In this Valheim guide, we will help players with how to harvest honey, make a cauldron and fermenter, and how to brew mead.

How To Brew Mead

Brewing mead in Valheim requires players to have the necessary equipment and ingredients. Honey is the core ingredient that players require for all mead recipes. Furthermore, players need to make a cauldron and then a fermenter. Only then, players will be able to brew mead in Valheim.

How To Get Honey

As I mentioned above, honey is the core ingredient in every mead recipe. Players can harvest honey from the beehives in the world. However, this requires players to find the beehives. An efficient way to harvest honey is by creating beehives of your own at the homestead.

Players first need to find a beehive, destroy it and capture a queen bee. Gather some wood and create a beehive and bees will starting coming to it. Players can return to the beehive after some time and harvest hive.

How To Make Cauldron And Fermenter

Every mead has different effects. The base of the mead decides which kind of the mead it’ll be. Players can make health potions, poison resistant mead, and more. Note that mead counts as alcoholic.

Also, players can’t brew mead on a normal crafting station, they need to create a cauldron first which is used to make the mead base. Create a smelter and melt some tin bars to create a cauldron.

After that, find some copper and tin and blend them together to make bronze. Use Bronze to create Fermenter. With Fermenter and cauldron created, players will be able to brew mead.

How To Brew Mead

Interact with the cauldron and players will see a list of recipes for the mead. Gather resources and create the base of the mead in the Cauldron.

After that, take the base to the Fermenter and wait for it to brew the mead as it will take some time to complete. When the mead is brewed, use a Tankard and drink it. Players can make the Tankard at the workbench.

That is all for our Valheim on how to brew mead. For more on the game also see our How to Get the Fishing Rod and How to Craft Stagbreaker.

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