How To Level Ground In Valheim

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Since Valheim is a survival game, players have to do a lot of things to survive. This also includes leveling the ground to build a base. In this Valheim guide, we will help players with how to level the ground.

How To Level Ground

To level the ground in Valheim, players first need to get their hands on a hoe tool. In case players don’t have it, they can create one. To make a hoe tool, players need to go to the workbench with five wood and two stone and use them to create a hoe tool.

This is the main tool to level the ground in the game. However, before you start leveling, make sure the area is clear of obstacles. If there are trees, cut them down but players won’t be able to do anything about the rocks. So players need to find a place that doesn’t have rocks.

Once you have an ideal place, select the hoe tool from the inventory and start using it on the ground. This will level the ground in the game and players will be able to make a base.

That is all for our Valheim guide on how to level the ground. For more on the game, also see our How to Mark Your Map and How To Save Your Game.

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