How To Deconstruct Items In Valheim

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Valheim is all about survival which means players have to gather items and resources. There will come a point in the game where players will have items in their inventory that they have no use for. However, getting rid of these items isn’t a good idea. The better way to clear your inventory is to deconstruct these useless items. In this Valheim guide, we will help players with how to deconstruct items.

How To Deconstrct Items

To deconstruct items that you have created like a workbench and shelter, just swing your hammer at them and they’ll deconstruct. Players will get 100% of the materials they invested in them. Equip your hammer and start hitting them to deconstruct.

As for your weapons and armor, hitting them armor won’t work nor there is any option in the inventory to deconstruct them.

There is no way to deconstruct armor and weapons. Players have to find a way to store them if they wish to keep them. Otherwise, just get rid of them.

That is all for our Valheim guide on how to deconstruct items. For more on the game, also see our Armor Sets Guide and How to Unlock the Stone Building.

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