Valheim, a game known for its vast exploration and intricate crafting system, offers players a plethora of weapons and shields to choose from. Among these, the Black Metal Shield stands out as a superior choice, especially when compared to its predecessor, the Silver Shield. Not only does it boast impressive stats, but its aesthetic appeal also makes it a favorite among players. This guide will delve deep into the nuances of obtaining and utilizing this coveted shield.


Crafting the Black Metal Shield

Materials Required

To craft the Black Metal Shield in Valheim, players need to gather specific materials. These are:

  • Fine Wood (10 pieces): A common resource in Valheim, fine wood can be harvested from Birch and Oak trees using a Bronze Axe or better.
  • Black Metal (8 pieces): This rare metal is primarily obtained by defeating Fulings, goblin-like creatures that are found in the Plains biome. If you’re unfamiliar with how to gather Black Metal, consider checking out dedicated guides or videos that delve into the intricacies of battling Fulings and harvesting this resource.
  • Chains (5 pieces): Chains might be a bit tricky to find. They can be acquired from Wraiths, ghostly enemies that spawn near abandoned buildings in the Swamps biome. However, an alternative (and perhaps more reliable) method is to explore Sunken Crypts. These crypts often contain chests filled with various treasures, including chains.

Crafting Process

Once you’ve gathered all the necessary materials, head over to a level three forge. Here, you can combine the materials to craft your Black Metal Shield. The shield’s impressive stats include a durability of 200, a block power of 90, a parry force of 50, and a slight movement speed reduction of 5%.

Upgrading Your Shield

To further enhance the capabilities of your Black Metal Shield, you can upgrade it. However, this requires additional materials and access to a higher-level forge.


Materials for Upgrades

For the first upgrade, you’ll need:

  • An additional 10 fine wood
  • 12 black metal
  • 6 chains

Upgrading Process

With the materials in hand, approach a level five forge. Here, you can enhance your shield, further boosting its stats and making it an even more formidable tool in combat.

Using the Black Metal Shield in Combat

The Black Metal Shield is not just about defense; it’s also about strategy. While it effectively blocks attacks from common enemies like Gray Dwarfs, Skeletons, and Draugrs, certain foes pose a unique challenge. For instance, one-star Fulings with spears can sometimes bypass the shield’s defenses, especially if your blocking power skill isn’t sufficiently leveled up. Similarly, Death Skeeters, the menacing insects of the Plains biome, have attacks that can be challenging to block. However, with practice and skill development, you can master the art of defense using the Black Metal Shield.

Black Metal Shield Stats

Associated Skill/sBlocking
Crafting StationForge (Lv. 3)
DurabilityLevel 1: 200
Level 2: 250
Level 3: 300
Block PowerLevel 1: 90
Level 2: 95
Level 3: 100
Parry ForceLevel 1: 50
Level 2: 55
Level 3: 60
Parry Bonus1.5x
Movement Speed-5%
Item Spawn CodeShieldBlackmetal


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