Valheim players are often on the lookout for ways to enhance their living conditions and survival experience. One such enhancement is the Hearth, a larger and more efficient version of the campfire. It serves as a central point for cooking, warmth, and even adds to the comfort level of your shelter. This guide will detail how to craft and build a Hearth in Valheim, its uses, and the benefits it offers.


Crafting Recipe and Materials

To craft a Hearth in Valheim, players will need the following material:

  • Stone: 15 pieces

Once you’ve collected the necessary stone, you’ll need to have a Stonecutter in your vicinity. The Stonecutter is essential for crafting stone structures, including the Hearth. With the Stonecutter nearby and the required stone in your inventory, you can proceed to craft the Hearth.

Uses and Benefits of the Hearth

The Hearth is primarily used for cooking and providing warmth. Its larger size compared to the regular campfire means players can place more cooking stations on it, allowing for the preparation of multiple meals simultaneously. Additionally, the Hearth serves as a source of light and warmth, essential for those cold Valheim nights.


Some key features and benefits of the Hearth include:

  • Fire Effect Range: The Hearth has an approximate fire effect range of 12 meters, ensuring a wide area of warmth.
  • Fuel Duration: With just 1/20 fuel, a Hearth can last for approximately 1 hour and 23 minutes. At maximum capacity, it can burn for an impressive 27 hours and 47 minutes.
  • Comfort Level: Sitting next to the Hearth under shelter can provide a comfort level of 2, which can help in regenerating health and stamina faster.

Important Notes

  • The Hearth requires protection from the elements. If exposed to rain without a roof or strong wind without at least 70% cover, it will stop working.
  • Active Hearths produce smoke, so ensure proper ventilation in your shelter.
  • The Hearth must be built on a sturdy foundation. While it can be placed on the ground, stone floor, or pillars, placing it on an unsupported wooden floor will cause it to break. If you wish to place it on a wooden floor, ensure the floor is either grounded or supported by stone or Wood iron beams.
  • The Hearth will take minor damage every time it sets an entity on fire.

Building a House with Stacked Hearths in Valheim

In Valheim, the innovative players have discovered a way to design a house with stacked Hearths, allowing for multiple floors to have their own heat sources. This design not only provides warmth to each floor but also adds an aesthetic appeal to the structure. Here’s how you can achieve this:

  1. Starting the Foundation: Begin by placing two 2×2 wood floors next to each other. On each corner of these floors, place two stone pillars.
  2. Reinforcing the Structure: To ensure the stability of the structure, especially when stacking hearths, reinforce these stone pillars with wood iron beams.
  3. Forming the Chimney: After the pillars are in place, put wood walls on the outer edges of the structure. This will help in forming the chimney. On top of the wood wall, place a wood beam. Then, attach a thatch roof ridge at a 26-degree angle. Once the thatch roof ridge is in place, you can remove the previously placed wood beam. To prevent smoke from leaking out, place a wood roof cross under both pieces of the thatch roof, ensuring it’s also at a 26-degree angle.
  4. Placing the Hearth: With the chimney structure in place, you can now position your hearth. If done correctly, this design allows you to stack multiple hearths on top of each other, providing warmth to multiple floors of your house.

The Hearth is a valuable addition to any Valheim shelter, offering both functional and aesthetic benefits. Its ability to cook multiple meals, provide extended warmth, and enhance the comfort level makes it a must-have for players looking to improve their in-game living conditions.