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Valheim Haldor the Trader Location Guide


Finding the elusive dwarf, Haldor the Trader, in Valheim is a challenging feat considering how long it can take for some players to encounter him. However, finding him can be pretty rewarding since he sells items like Megingjord, fishing rods, gems, jewelry, etc. In this Valheim guide, we’ve detailed all there’s to know about where to find Haldor the Trader.

Valheim Haldor the Trader Location

In order to find Haldor the Trader in Valheim, we need to head over to the Black Forest. Once there, we’ll need to explore the entirety of the biome to get to him. Thankfully, the developers have ensured that once found, Haldor won’t steer away from his location – ever again! This should allow us to visit him whenever we need without repeating the process of finding him all over the Black Forest.

The most common place where players have reported finding Haldor is near the Sacrificial Stones. However, there isn’t any point in confining our search to the Sacrificial Stones only. Since he can be pretty evasive, it’s highly recommended to check the entirety of the starting area as well as all neighboring islands. Also, remember that it can get a little frustrating but don’t give up.

Lucky for us, we don’t really need to reach his pinpoint location. The radius is fairly generous and he should pop up on the world map whenever he’s in 300-400 meters of a player. This tends to ease things a bit. And once found, he’ll stay in the exact place.

Players who are still unable to find him, there’s another thing that they can do. After opening the console command menu by pressing F5, players can enter “devcommands” without the apostrophe and then type in “spawn Haldor” to spawn him right in front of them. Pretty handy but takes away all the fun of finding him legitimately.

That’s all we’ve got in how to find Haldor the Trader in Valheim. Feel free to check out our detailed Valheim wiki guides for more help on the game.

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