Valheim Farming Guide: How To Farm

Valheim Farming

At its core, Valheim is a survival game. Farming is one of the ways in which you can grow resources to survive. It is also a great way of getting food supplies. In this Valheim guide, we are going to go over how farming works.

How Farming Works In Valheim

Before you can farm you need a cultivator. To get the cultivator recipe you need to collect wood. You can do that by cutting down trees with a bronze axe. You can craft the cultivator with 10 core wood and 5 bronze. You can check out our guide on how to get core wood if you are having trouble with that.

The cultivator can be used in order to till the soil. So that you can plant seeds. Be sure to leave some room so that the seeds have room to grow. For farming, you have 5 kinds of seeds. The following is where you can find them all:

  • Carrot Seeds – Black Forest near blue flowers
  • Fir Cones (Fir Tree Seeds) – Black Forest by cutting down fir trees
  • Pine Cones (Pine Tree Seeds) – Black Forest by cutting down pine trees
  • Beech Tree Seeds – Meadows by cutting down beech trees
  • Turnip Seeds – Swamp near yellow flowers

Once you have the seeds that you need then you can plant them in tilled soil in order to grow them. You can farm barley and flax as well but they do not need seeds. You can find both of these in the plains.

Once you have your plants in order, you need to protect the crops from animals and enemies. You can put fences around the crops in order to do that.

This is how farming works in Valheim. If you are interested in learning more about the game then you can check out our guide on how to get bone fragments. You can also check out our Valheim guides hub for more content related to the game.

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