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106 Valheim Crafting Recipes For Weapons, Armor, Tools


Crafting is one of the core mechanics of Valheim. Through crafting, players can create important items, weapons, armor, etc. To begin crafting in Valheim, players will need to have the required materials as well as a Workbench. For those who don’t know how to craft a Workbench, players simply need to find 10x Wood. Once created, players will then be able to use the Workbench to craft and upgrade a bunch of different pieces of equipment. In this guide, we’ve provided a detailed overview of all the crafting recipes that players can create in Valheim.

Valheim Crafting Recipes List

Through crafting in Valheim, players can acquire things like important items, weapons, and even armor. The following is a complete list of currently all the items that can be crafted in Valheim:

Shield Recipes

Wood Shieldx10 Wood, x4 Resin, and x4 Leather Scraps
Bronze Bucklerx10 Bronze and x4 Wood
Banded Shieldx10 Fine Wood and x8 Iron
Silver Shieldx10 Fine Wood and x8 Silver
Black Metal Shieldx10 Bronze, x4 Wood

Weapon Recipes

Crude Bowx10 Wood, x8 Leather Scraps
Finewood Bowx10 Fine Wood, x10 Core Wood, x2 Deer Hide
Hunstman Bowx10 Fine Wood, x20 Iron, x10 Feathers, x2 Deer Hide
Drauger Bowx10 Ancient Bark, x20 Silver, x2 Deer Hide, x10 Guck
Wood Arrowsx8 Wood
Flinthead Arrowsx8 Wood, x2 Flint, x2 Feathers
Bronzehead Arrowsx8 Wood, x1 Bronze, x2 Feathers
Obsidian Arrowsx8 Wood, x4 Obsidian, x3 Feathers
Iron Arrowsx8 Wood, x1 Iron, x2 Feathers
Needle Arrowsx4 Needle, x2 Feathers
Fire Arrowsx8 Wood, x8 Resin, x2 Feathers
Frost Arrowsx8 Wood, x4 Obsidian, x2 Feathers, x1 Freeze Gland
Poison Arrowsx8 Wood, x4 Obsidian, x2 Feathers, x2 Ooze
Silver Arrowsx8 Wood, x1 Silver, x2 Feathers
Flint Spearx5 Wood, x10 Flint, x2 Leather Scraps
Bronze Spearx5 Wood, x6 Bronze, x2 Deer Hide
Fang Spearx10 Ancient Bark, x4 Wolf Fang, x2 Leather Scraps, x2 Silver
Ancient Bark Spearx4 Troll Hide, x10 Iron, x10 Ancient Bark
Abyssal Harpoonx8 Fine Wood, x30 Chitin, x3 Leather Scraps
Iron Atgeirx10 Wood, x30 Iron, x2 Leather Scraps
Bronze Atgeirx10 Wood, x8 Bronze, x3 Leather Scraps
Blackmtal Atgeirx10 Fine Wood, x30 Black Metal Bar, x5 Linen Thread
Stone Axex5 Wood, x4 Stone
Flint Axex4 Wood, x6 Flint
Iron Axex4 Wood, x20 Iron, x2 Leather Scraps
Battle Axex30 Ancient Bark, x35 Iron, x4 Leather Scraps
Bronze Axex4 Wood, x8 Bronze, x2 Leather Scraps
Blackmetal Axex6 Fine Wood, x20 Black Metal Bar, x5 Linen Thread
Iron Swordx2 Wood, x20 Iron, x3 Leather Scraps
Bronze Swordx2 Wood, x8 Bronze, x2 Leather Scraps
Silver Swordx2 Wood, x40 Silver, x3 Leather Scraps, x5 Iron
Blackmetal Swordx2 Fine Wood, x20 Black Metal Bar, x5 Linen Thread
Clubx6 Wood
Torchx1 Wood, x1 Resin
Bronze Macex4 Wood, x8 Bronze, x3 Leather Scraps
Iron Sledgex10 Ancient Bark, x30 Iron, x4 Ymir Flesh, x1 Drauger Elite Trophy
Stagebreakerx20 Core Wood, x5 Deer Trophy, x2 Leather Scraps
Bronze Macex4 Wood, x8 Bronze, x3 Leather Scrap
Iron Macex4 Wood, x20 Iron, x3 Leather Scraps
Porcupinex5 Fine Wood, x20 Iron, x5 Needle, x10 Linen Thread
Frostnerx10 Ancient Bark, x30 Silver, x5 Ymir Flesh, x5 Freeze Gland
Flint Knifex2 Wood, x4 Flint, x2 Leather Scraps
Copper Knifex2 Wood, x8 Copper
Blackmetal Knifex4 Fine Wood, x10 Black Metal, x5 Linen Thread
Abyssal Razorx4 Fine Wood, x20 Chitin, x2 Leather Scraps
Ooze Bombx5 Leather Scraps, x10 Ooze, x3 Resin

Armor Recipes

Rag Pantsx5 Leather Scraps
Rag Tunicx5 Leather Scraps
Leather Tunicx6 Deer Hide
Leather Pantsx6 Deer Hide
Leather Helmetx6 Deer Hide
Deer Hide Capex4 Deer Hide, x5 Bone Fragments
Linen Capex20 Linen Thread
Lox Capex6 Lox Pelt, x2 Silver
Wolf Fur Capex6 Wolf Pelt, x4 Silver, x1 Wolf Trophy
Troll Leather Tunicx5 Troll Hide
Troll Leather Helmetx5 Troll Hide
x3 Bone Fragments
Troll Hide Capex10 Troll Hide, x10 Bone Fragments
Troll Leather Pantsx5 Troll Hide
Drake Helmetx20 Silver, x2 Wolf Pelt, 1x Drake Trophy
Wolf Armor Legsx20 Silver, x4 Wolf Fang, x5 Wolf Pelt
Wolf Armor Chestx20 Silver, x5 Wolf Pelt, 1x Chain
Wolf Fur Capex4 Silver, x4 Wolf Fang, x1 Wolf Trophuu
Padded Greavesx10 Iron, x20 Linen Thread
Padded Cuirassx10 Iron, x20 Linen Thread
Iron Scale Mail2x Deer Hide, x20 Iron
Iron Helmetx2 Deer Hide, x20 Iron
Iron Greavesx2 Deer Hide, x20 Iron

Tool Recipes

Antler Pickaxex10 Wood, x1 Hard Antler
Hoex5 Wood, x2 Stone
Tankardx5 Fine Wood, x2 Resin
Abyssal Harpoonx8 Fine Wood, x30 Chitin, x3 Leather Scraps
Hammerx3 Wood, x3 Stone
Stone Axex5 Wood, x4 Stone
Torchx1 Wood, x1 Resin
Wood Tower Shieldx10 Wood and x4 Leather Scraps
Iron Tower Shieldx15 Fine Wood and x10 Iron
Black Metal Tower Shieldx15 Fine Wood, x10 Black Metal and x7 Chain
Serpent Scale Shieldx10 Fine Wood, x4 Iron, and x8 Serpent Scales

Misc. Item Recipes

Bedx8 Wood
Hearthx15 Stone
Workbenchx10 Wood
Hoex5 Wood + x2 Stone
Cooking Stationx2 Wood
Firepitx2 Wood, x5 Stone
Flint Axex4 Wood, x6 Flint
Iron Axex4 Wood, x15 Iron
Hammerx3 Wood, x2 Stone
Stone Axex5 Wood, x4 Stone
Iron Pickaxex3 Wood, x15 Iron
Stone Pickaxex3 Wood, x10 Stone
Smelterx20 Stone, x5 Surtling Core
Raftx20 Wood. x6 Hide, x10 Resin
Cultivatorx5 Core Wood, x5 Bronze
Charcoal Kilnx20 Stone, x2 Surtling Core
Stone Cutterx10 Wood, x6 Iron, x8 Stone
Forgex4 Stone, x4 Coal, x10 Wood, x6 Copper
Bronze Axex4 Wood, x8 Bronze, x2 Leather Scraps
Longshipx20 Wood, x10 Hide, x10 Resin, x10 Elder Bark
Portalx10 Greydwarf Eye, x20 Fine Wood, x2 Surtling Core
Karvex30 Fine Wood, x10 Deer Hide, x20 Resin, x80 Bronze Nail
Antler Pickaxex10 Wood, x1 Antler

Valheim Recipes Not Showing Up? Here’s a List of Fixes

There is a known bug in Valheim that stops players from seeing new crafting recipes. There are multiple fixes for this problem that you can try:

  1. Make sure workbench in under a roof
  2. Equip Hammer and Press mouse button 2 (middle wheel in most cases). A box with a hammer icon should appear press A on Xbox or E on PC to open a whole new menu for build and crafting options.
  3. Ensure that you have a workbench of at least LEVEL 2 or a sufficiently high level to attempt crafting the desired item.
  4. In order for the recipes to become visible, it is necessary to acquire the ingredients. Additionally, many recipes require an upgraded Cauldron that requires resources. As an example, a simple recipe may call for carrots. Same is the case with the workbench.

These are all the crafting recipes for weapons, armor, and items in Valheim. For more help on the game, feel free to check out our detailed Valheim wiki guides.

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