Valheim Crafting Recipes Guide – Items, Weapons, Armor

Valheim Crafting Recipes Guide

Crafting is one of the core mechanics of Valheim. Through crafting, players can create important items, weapons, armor, etc. To begin crafting, players will need to have the required materials as well as a Workbench. For those who don’t know how to craft a Workbench, players simply need to find 10x Wood. Once created, players will then be able to use the Workbench to craft and upgrade a bunch of different pieces of equipment. In this guide, we’ve provided a detailed overview of all the crafting recipes that players can create in Valheim.

Valheim Crafting Recipes List

Through crafting, players can acquire things like important items, weapons, and even armor. The following is a complete list of currently all the items that can be crafted in Valheim:


  • Bed: 8x Wood
  • Hearth: 15x Stone
  • Workbench: 10x Wood
  • Hoe: 5x Wood + 2x Stone
  • Cooking Station: 2x Wood
  • Firepit: 2x Wood + 5x Stone
  • Flint Axe: 4x Wood + 6x Flint
  • Iron Axe: 4x Wood + 15x Iron
  • Hammer: 3x Wood + 2x Stone
  • Stone Axe: 5x Wood + 4x Stone
  • Iron Pickaxe: 3x Wood + 15x Iron
  • Stone Pickaxe: 3x Wood + 10x Stone
  • Smelter: 20x Stone + 5x Surtling Core
  • Raft: 20x Wood + 6x Hide + 10x Resin
  • Cultivator: 5x Core Wood + 5x Bronze
  • Charcoal Kiln: 20x Stone + 2x Surtling Core
  • Stone Cutter: 10x Wood + 6x Iron + 8x Stone
  • Forge: 4x Stone + 4x Coal + 10x Wood + 6x Copper
  • Bronze Axe: 4x Wood + 8x Bronze + 2x Leather Scraps
  • Longship: 20x Wood + 10x Hide + 10x Resin + 10x Elder Bark
  • Portal: 10x Greydwarf Eye + 20x Fine Wood + 2x Surtling Core
  • Karve: 30x Fine Wood + 10x Deer Hide + 20x Resin + 80x Bronze Nail


  • Wood Arrow: 2x Wood
  • Wood Shield: 5x Wood
  • Flint Knife: 2x Wood + 4x Flint
  • Fire Arrow: 2x Wood + 2x Resin
  • Wood Torch: 1x Wood + 1x Resin
  • Banded Shield: 5x Wood + 8x Iron
  • Ironhead Arrow: 2x Wood + 1x Iron
  • Throwing Spear: 5x Wood + 4x Flint
  • Copper Knife: 2x Wood + 8x Copper
  • Flinthead Arrow: 1x Wood + 1x Flint
  • Wood Shortbow: 6x Wood + 4x Hide
  • Iron Longsword: 12x Wood + 25x Iron
  • Bronze Sword: 2x Wood + 15x Copper + 4x Tin


  • Rags: 3x Hide
  • Leather Cap: 6x Hide
  • Leather Armor: 12x Hide
  • Troll Hide Armor: 20x Troll Hide
  • Bronze Helmet: 6x Copper + 4x Tin
  • Horned Bronze Helmet: 6x Copper + 4x Tin

These are all the crafting recipes for weapons, armor, and items in Valheim. For more help on the game, feel free to check out our detailed Valheim wiki guides.

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