Valheim Console Commands and Cheats Guide

Valheim Console Commands and Cheats Guide, Valheim indoor fire, Valheim God mode Guide

There are plenty of console commands and cheats that players can use in Valheim to tailor their game the way want. These console commands for the game are further divided into two categories: basic commands and game commands. While not required, these commands offer players a wide range of otherwise unobtainable effects like godmode, resetting the map, changing spawn locations, among many others. In this guide, we’ve shared all the console commands that players can use in the game for different effects.

Valheim Cheats and Console Commands

First of all, let’s talk about how to open up the console in the game. To do so, all that the players need to do is to press the ‘F5’ key. Once the console is opened, input the following cheats to get the desired effects:

Basic Commands

In this section of the guide, we’ve provided a complete list of all the console commands that provide the most basic functionalities such as banning a certain user, checking the server ping, kicking someone from the party, etc. These are:

  • help – Displays a complete list of all available console commands.
  • kick [name/ip/userID] – Kick a user.
  • ban [name/ip/userID] – Ban a user.
  • unban [ip/userID] – Revoke the ban on a user.
  • banned – Displays a complete list of all the users that a player has banned.
  • ping – Allows the players to send a ping to the server to check the in-game latency.
  • lodbias [number] – This value is by default 1.5 and lets players set distance lod bias.
  • info – Displays the system info.

Advanced Commands

There are a few more console commands that players can use in Valheim. To check a complete list of these advanced console commands in the game, all that the players will need to do is to type ‘imacheater’ in the console and then type ‘help’. Those of you who don’t want to do that can check the list provided below:

  • god – It lets players enable godmode, preventing them from dying.
  • pos – Prints the current player position.
  • goto [x, y] – It lets players teleport a different area depending on the coordinates provided.
  • killall – kill all the enemies on the map.
  • exploremap – Immediately explore the entirety of the map.
  • resetmap – It lets you revert the ‘exploremap’ command mentioned above.
  • tame – Tame all the nearby tameable animals – it’s very easy with our Taming Guide though.
  • location – spawn location.
  • freefly – Enables freefly Photo Mode.
  • ffsmooth – Freefly smoothness.
  • event [name] – Automatically start an event.
  • stopevent – Immediately stop an ongoing event.
  • resetcharacter – Resets all character data.
  • raiseskill [skill] [amount] – It allows players to raise a skill level by any amount that they desire.
  • dpsdebug – Players can toggle DPS debug print.
  • save – Force save the world. Remember that it can cause some issues.
  • removedrops – Allows players to remove all item-drops in an area.
  • resetwind – Allows players to reset the wind.
  • players [nr] – Players can force difficulty scaling.

These are all the console commands and cheats in Valheim. For more help on the game, feel free to check out our detailed Valheim wiki guides.

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