How To Make Blood Pudding In Valheim

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Valheim is a survival game which means players have to be careful with their health and stamina stats. The game doesn’t allow players to increase their maximum health and stamina permanently. However, players can temporarily boost their health and stamina by consuming Blood Pudding. In this Valheim guide, we will help players with how to make a Blood Pudding and how to increase health.

How To Make Blood Pudding

Players first need to reach the Plains biome and here they’ll unlock flax and barley. When players use the Windmill to make flour out of barley, they’ll learn to make the Blood Pudding in Valheim. To make blood pudding, players need the following ingredients.

4 x Barley Flour
2 x Bloodbags
2 x Thistle

Thistle and Bloodbags are relatively easy to find. However, it’s the Barley Flour that requires some effort from the player. As I mentioned above, Barley is only available in the Plains biome.

Create a Windmill and use it to make barley Flour. Barley can be found in the villages and outposts in the Plains biome. Once picked, the Barley won’t respawn. Bring it to the windmill and make Barley Flour.

As for the Thistle and Bloodbags, Thistle can be found in the Black Forest and Swamp biomes. Bloodbags can be acquired from leeches in the Swamp biome. Once you have the ingredients, go to the cauldron and make Blood Pudding.

Blood Pudding is one of the food items in the game that gives players the most boost to health and stamina.

However, Blood Pudding grants more boost to health compared to Stamina. Consuming this food will boost maximum health and will allow players to take hits from enemies.

The effects of Blood Pudding least for 2400 seconds and heals 4 health points per tick. As for the Health and Stamina boost, this food provides 90 points to maximum health and 50 points to maximum stamina.

That is all for our Valheim guide on how to make Blood Pudding and how to boost maximum health. For more on the game, also see our How To Get Flax and How To Activate Cheats And God Mode.

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