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V Rising Whetstone Location, Crafting Recipe, How to Get


As you embark on your V Rising journey, Whetstones will be an invaluable asset to help build the Grinder. There are two options for obtaining these stones; either gather them from Farbane Woods or craft them at a Furnace with the corresponding recipe. After unlocking this process, Stone Bricks can be crafted and used in the game. This ultimate guide will provide you with all the information necessary to find and craft the V Rising Whetstone. I’ll give directions on Where to Find it, its Crafting Recipe, and How To Get it.

How To Get Whetstone (Location) in V Rising

As mentioned earlier, if you want to construct a Grinder or enhance your base, Whetstones are an indispensable asset. To get Whetstone, you must traverse Bandit Armoury – a wider area located on the western side of Farbane Woods. You’ll find myriad adversaries that can be easily defeated during your journey. Remember to search for chests and barrels, which could contain exciting treasures.

How To Craft Whetstone (Recipe)in V Rising

Without the Whetstone recipe, you can’t craft it at the Furnace, so to get this recipe, you need to take down Grayson the Armourer, a level 27 V Blood Boss located in Bandit Armoury’s open area.

How To Beat Grayson

Taking out the Grayson can be difficult, with two extra bandits nearby. Before engaging him directly, it’s important to eliminate extra adversaries, or they will interfere with your mission. He typically starts by flinging spike bombs across the floor: you can dodge those by snatching some armor from one of the four corners of this battlefield first. Then, use that protection to move closer and deactivate his traps. Further, he will use a hammer spin to repel you and then summon you for assistance.

Overall, Grayson’s assault is a combination of traps and melee strikes. Yet, you can defeat it with suitable equipment by equipping the Copper weapons with the Merciless Nightstalker Armor set. After defeating the boss, you shall be rewarded with these rewards:

  • Crimson Aegis
  • Five-Fingers Workboards
  • Long Boards
  • Assortment of Statues
  • Whetstones Recipe

Crafting Whetstone

Now that you’ve acquired the Whetstone Recipe grab your tools and head to Furnace! Here’s a list of items you’ll need for crafting:

  • 1x Copper Ingot
  • 12x Stone Dust

That’s all you need to know about the V Rising Whetstone Location, Crafting Recipe, and How To Get it. If you want to know more about V Rising, here are some guides you might like:

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