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V Rising Stone Coffin: How to Get, Crafting Recipe, Blueprint


When playing V Rising as a Vampire, you must have a safe haven from the sun’s rays – enter the Stone Coffin. Crafting and upgrading items is key in this game; just like an upgrade of Regular Blood Essence to Greater Blood Essence provides more potency, an upgraded Stone Coffin provides greater protection. This comprehensive guide will provide in-depth information on the V Rising Stone Coffin, including how to get it, its crafting recipe, and its blueprint.

How To Get Stone Coffin (Blueprint) in V Rising

As you journey through V Rising, it is essential to construct and upgrade your castle. Initially, the structure may not even have a roof to keep out intruders – but don’t worry! You will be able to build wooden walls with ease. The Castle Quest requires that you assemble entire rooms, such as Stone Walls and Stone Floor, for completion of the first room; in return for doing so, you are rewarded with a Stone Coffin blueprint which can be used when constructing additional levels.

How To Get and Craft Stone Coffin in V Rising

Unlocking the Stone Coffin blueprint is just one step in creating this masterful structure. After opening the build menu, you’ll be able to craft a Stone Coffin – but not before acquiring an unlimited amount of stone by smashing rocks! Once your Stone Coffin has been constructed, create servant coffins so they can do the rest of the work for you and prove their loyalty along the way.

That’s all you need to know about the V Rising Stone Coffin to craft it. With this blueprint, you can construct a protective shelter that keeps you safe from the sun’s rays and provides a comfortable resting place for your servants. Be sure to upgrade your Stone Coffin to protect you from enemies attempting to enter your castle. Good luck!

That’s all we have for now on how to get and craft stone coffin. If you want to read more about V Rising, here are some other guides:

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