V Rising is an open-world vampire game that has you starting as a weak vampire in a hostile world. To regain your strength, you’ll need to find blood – and lots of it. Once you’re stronger, you can start building up your base or try to go it alone. If you want to be self-sufficient, you’ll need to learn how to grow your crops.

How Can Players Plant Seeds and Build Gardens in V Rising

To create a farm, the first thing you need is a large, grassy area. If you cannot find a pre-existing area, you can create one yourself using Garden Floors. Garden Floors are unlocked by defeating Polara the Feywalker, a level 34 boss found in the Farbane Woods. Once you have the recipe for Garden Floors, place them down in the desired area and wait for them to grow. Then, when your farm is established, plant your seeds and wait for them to yield crops. With a little bit of patience and effort, you will soon have all the supplies you need for your castle.

Planting a seed is easy and only requires a few steps:

  • Visit the dirt or Garden Floor area of your farm first.
  • Then, go to your inventory and select the seed of your choosing.
  • Finally, plant the seed into the ground.

Which is the best way to Get Plant Seeds in V Rising

There are two best approaches to getting seeds:

Approach #1

One way to get more seeds to plant on your farm is by visiting other farms and harvesting crops. This is the most basic and obvious way to get more seeds, but it requires you have a lot of patience and time. You may get more seeds by checking the map for additional seedlings.

Approach #2

To get more seeds, you will need to defeat bosses and collect the seeds they drop as rewards. However, not all bosses will drop seeds. To find out which bosses drop seeds, you will need to scout them out by interacting with your Blood Altar. Once you have found a boss who drops seeds, track their blood scent and kill them. Keep in mind that you should only hunt bosses that are not several levels above you.

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