Illusion abilities are one of groups of abilities you will get in V Rising. You can summon various illusions through this group of abilities. You can mix and match abilities from different groups so you’re not limited to any one type. However, having illusion abilities in the mix allow you to be much more powerful.

V Rising Illusion Abilities

  • Mist Trance: Attack blocking for 1.5s and teleportation to mouse target.
  • Spectral Wolf: Summon a projectile for +100% magic damage and reduce damage dealt by 30% for 5s.
  • Spectral Assasin: Summon assassin to deal +125% magic damage within an AoE.
  • Veil of Illusion: Dash in any direction and turn invisible for 2.2s. During this time deal 25% additional damage
  • Mirror Strike (Ultimate): Dash forward and deal 600% magic damage. The damage is split into all enemies hit by the attack.
  • Spectral Guardian (Ultimate): Guardian shields allies for 125% of your spell power. A close-range AoE does 125% damage

That’s the complete list of Illusionary abilities available in this game. If you want to know more, check out Blood Abilities, and Unholy Abilities.

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