Playing V Rising involves many resources, one of which is Blood Essence used for crafting new items. As you progress through the game, Greater and Primal Blood Essences are necessary for higher-quality armor. Unfortunately, obtaining their intricate recipes and enough essence to craft these items requires great effort – it takes a lot of work. This guide will tell you all about Blood Essence, including how to acquire it, the crafting recipe needed for its creation, and the method of farming V Rising.

How To Get and Craft Blood Essence in V Rising

When running low on HP, crafting items or equipping yourself with gear can be made much easier by using Blood Essence. Not only that, but this powerful resource can also fortify your castle heart against animals of prey who are aiming to rob you of your precious belongings!

Obtaining Blood Essence is a cinch! All you have to do is defeat any species or monster, but be aware that it won’t work on dead ones. To collect this precious essence, attack the target until its HP nears zero, press “F,” and it’s yours. Once you’ve taken down over 150 enemies, followed by a major boss encounter, you’ll accumulate enough material to craft Greater Blood Essence.

How To Get and Craft Greater Blood Essence in V Rising

When compared to Normal Blood Essence, Greater Blood Essence is far more potent. As a result, you can access high-level things such as structures and research with Greater Blood Essence. For example, it can unlock access to Servant Coffins. These coffins provide you with loyal servants who will listen to your orders and take charge of protecting the castle along with other essential duties.

If you want to acquire Greater Blood Essence, your best bet is to use four Unsullied Hearts at the Blood Press. Unfortunately, these Hearts can be challenging to come by. Fortunately, there’s an easier and more efficient way — obtain a recipe that requires 150 regular Blood Essences from the same press! To access this recipe mid-game, take on Tristan, The Vampire Hunter who lurks in Farbane Woods – a level 46 boss.

How To Get and Craft Primal Blood Essence in V Rising

If you want to get your hands on items such as Legendary Blood Key, you need Primal Blood Essence, which will let you craft it. If you want to craft Primal Blood Essence at the Blood Press, then all you need is four Exquisite Hearts or twelve Greater Blood Essences. Acquiring this recipe couldn’t be easier – gather up either of these items and begin crafting!

That’s all there is to know about Blood Essence in V Rising! With this powerful resource, you can craft some of the most sought-after items in the game and fortify your castle heart against any threat.

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