There is a range of abilities available to the player in V Rising. The good news is that you don’t need to limit yourself to a specific group of abilities. V Rising abilities are divided into five types – Blood, Frost, Unholy, Chaos, and Illusion.

The game allows you to equip abilities from different groups simultaneously. For example, you can equip abilities from Blood and Chaos or Unholy and Illusion simultaneously.

This guide will explain everything you need to know about all Blood abilities available in V Rising.

V Rising Blood Abilities

Blood Rage: Shield increase for yourself and allies for 110% of spell power and +25% attack speed increase for 4.5s.

Shadowbolt: Release a projectile to deal 200% damage. Sanguine Coil traded for the damage boost.

Blood Rite: Get healing for 30% of spell power and +100% magic damage inside an AoE. The ability also gives damage blocking for 1.5s.

Sanguine Coil: Release a projectile to deal +75% magic damage and +40% life steal. This spell can heal you +40% and allies +100% of your spell power.

Veil of Blood: Dash in any direction and turn invisible for 2.2s. Attack enemies to get a +25% damage boost and +5% heal.

Crimson Aegis: Launch a shield for 200% of your spell power for yourself or your allies.

Heart Strike (Ultimate): +150% magic damage to all nearby enemies when you dash forward. Get +150% heal at the same time.

Crimson Beam (Ultimate): Release a beam to deal +150% magic damage to all enemies. Get +100% heal for all allies hit by the ultimate and +25% heal for yourself.

That’s everything you need to know about Blood abilities in V Rising. Need more help? See Tips and Tricks, How to Get Explosives, How to Fast Travel.

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