In Dave The Diver, you can use guns and harpoons as weapons. Both can be upgraded once you have progressed enough. The harpoon comes in handy when you need to defeat smaller fish and do not want to waste a bullet charge but for more challenging enemies, you will need to use Weapons. In this Dave The Diver guide, we go over how you can upgrade your weapons to make them more effective against foes.


Dave The Diver: How To Upgrade Your Weapons Permanently

In Dave The Diver, you can upgrade guns using Duffy’s Weapons Shop. Guns such as rifles and snipers have upgrade paths similar to skill trees. You will not be able to upgrade your weapons from the get-go and will need to progress the game until you reach chapter two where you meet Duffy. Progress through the game and Duffy will add new features to the weapons shop. So check these frequently to take advantage of them.

The following is a list of all the Weapons( Melee+Guns) in Dave The Diver that can be upgraded:

Weapon NameTypeEffectsLevelCharacteristics
Dive Knife
(May be upgraded to 10 and 17 damage)
MeleeLow damage1Damage: 3
Sharp Japanese SwordMeleeMedium damage1Damage: 8
Baseball BatMeleeHigh damage with assault attack1Damage: 5
10 damage with assault attack
Golf ClubMeleeMassive damage with assault attack1Damage: 10
30 damage with assault attack
Tennis RacketMeleeOpponents are thrown far back1Damage: 10
Opponents are thrown far back
Shock BangstickMeleeParalyzes target for 10 seconds1Damage: 5
10 seconds paralysis
-30% movement speed
Toy Hammer of SleepMeleeChance to inflict sleep1Damage: 1
Chance to inflict sleep
PickaxeMeleeCan also damage enemy creatures1Damage: 3
Old Harpoon GunGunLow damage1Damage: 3
Pump Harpoon GunGunMedium damage1Damage: 17
Shark Harpoon GunGunHigh damage1Damage: 24
Dragonbite Harpoon GunGunVery high damage1Damage: 32
Harpoon TipAmmoDoes little damage1
Enhanced Harpoon TipAmmoIncreases harpoon damage1Damage: +4 harpoon damage
Shock Harpoon TipAmmoDamages target and creatures in the radius1Damage: +4 harpoon damage
60% chance to inflict paralysis
-30% movement speed
Lightning Harpoon TipAmmoHigh damage, but ammunition does not pierce the target1Damage: +4 harpoon damage
40% of the inflicted damage is transferred to creatures within the target’s radius
Poison Harpoon TipAmmoInflicts poison damage over time1Damage: +3 harpoon damage
2 poison damage every second for 8 seconds
Flaming Harpoon TipAmmoInflicts fire damage1Damage: +5 harpoon damage
30% flame damage
Tranquilizer Harpoon TipAmmoHigh chance to inflict sleep immediately145 percent chance to inflict sleep immediately
Triple Axel
(Blueprint unlocks after finding 2x in Blue Hole)
GunSticks to target and explodes shortly afterward1Sticks to the target and explodes shortly afterward
Basic Underwater Rifle
(Blueprint unlocks after the tutorial mission)
GunRelatively low damage1Damage: 22
Range: 5
Magazine: 8
Red Sniper RifleGunExtremely high damage1Damage: 32
Radius: 20
Magazine: 3
Shock RifleGunN/A
Hush Dart
(Blueprint unlocks after finding 2x in Blue Hole)
GunStuns fish, making them higher quality1Radius: 5
Magazine: 3
Small Net GunGunCatches fish, making them higher quality1Damage: N/A
Radius: 5
Magazine: 3
Ice GunGunDoes not cause damage, but can be used to fish1Radius: 5
Magazine: 20
Sticky Bomb GunExplosiveSticks to the target and explodes shortly afterward1Damage: 20
Range: 7
Magazine: 5
Grenade LauncherExplosiveFires grenades that explode for high damage1Damage: 25
Range: 10
Magazine: 4
Trigger Bomb TrapExplosive / TrapTriggers when touched, cause high explosion damage to creatures in the radius1Triggers when touched, causing high explosion damage to creatures in the radius

How To Upgrade Weapons (Guns)

To upgrade guns, you need to:

  1. Launch the Weapon Shop app on your phone
  2. Check upgrade materials and collect them
  3. Press E to upgrade

How To Get Blue Prints+ Materials To Upgrade Weapons

You will need materials to upgrade your guns and blueprints to acquire new weapons in Dave The Diver. You can get materials from the ocean. These materials are found in the Kits present in the deep ocean. they spawn randomly so there is no exact location for these weapon upgrading kits.

These Weapon upgrading kits are easily identified because a yellow pistol is visible on them. but the best way of getting fragments is by dismantling your guns. Be sure to open weapon chests in the blue hole and then dismantle the guns you do not need to get fragments.

How To Upgrade The Harpoon

Upgrading the harpoon increases its damage. You can upgrade it by using the iDiver App on your phone. You cannot upgrade the harpoon’s tip to deal elemental damage. Elemental upgrades can only be found during exploration. Seek out weapon chests to get them.

This is everything that you need to know about upgrading your weapons in Dave The Diver.