In Pikmin 4, players are introduced to Oatchi, an endearing canine companion who is not a Pikmin but plays a crucial role in the game. Oatchi comes with a set of skills that can be upgraded to match the increasing difficulty level of Pikmin 4. This guide will walk you through how to upgrade Oatchi’s skills and make him an invaluable partner in your Pikmin 4 journey.


How to Upgrade Oatchi’s Skills

To upgrade Oatchi’s skills, you’ll need to interact with Shepered at the Rescue Command Post. However, keep in mind that most skill upgrades require Pup Drive, a resource you can accumulate through various activities in the game. Each skill upgrade requires a specific amount of Pup Drive, and once you’ve invested it into a skill, it’s not refundable.

How to Get Pup Drive

There are several ways to earn Pup Drive in Pikmin 4. One method is by rescuing Castaways, who are often found in caves scattered across the game world. Rescuing these Castaways can reward you with Pup Drive. Additionally, you can earn Pup Drive by defeating Leaflings in Dandori Battles and Challenges. Lastly, the Glow Sap item can cure Leaflings and earn you Pup Drive, which you can then use to upgrade Oatchi’s skills.

Understanding Oatchi’s Skills

Oatchi possesses a set of seven unique skills that can be upgraded in Pikmin 4: Buff, Doggy-Paddle, Command, Rush, Pluck, Big Chomp, and Heal. Each skill, when upgraded, provides a distinct benefit to the player. For example, the Buff skill amplifies Oatchi’s power to match that of 10 Pikmin, while the Doggy-Paddle skill gives Oatchi the ability to swim and increase his speed in water.


Moreover, Oatchi has other capabilities, such as carrying items by ingesting them, attacking enemies with his bite, and bulldozing through obstacles with the Rush skill. These abilities make Oatchi an indispensable ally in various scenarios. Players can even mount Oatchi and use the Jump skill to access elevated areas. In essence, the range of skills and upgrades that Oatchi possesses adds a layer of complexity and thrill to the game.

By investing in the right upgrades, Oatchi can become a formidable ally in Pikmin 4. His unique set of skills can assist players in navigating and advancing through the game with greater ease and effectiveness.

Oatchi Skills Upgrade Summary

  1. Interact with Shepered: Visit Shepered at the Rescue Command Post to access the upgrade menu for Oatchi’s skills.
  2. Collect Pup Drive: Earn Pup Drive, the resource needed for upgrades, by rescuing Castaways, defeating Leaflings in Dandori Battles and Challenges, or curing Leaflings with Glow Sap.
  3. Choose a Skill to Upgrade: Select from Oatchi’s seven skills – Buff, Doggy-Paddle, Command, Rush, Pluck, Big Chomp, and Heal – to upgrade.
  4. Invest Pup Drive: Use the required amount of Pup Drive to upgrade the chosen skill. Remember, once invested, Pup Drive cannot be refunded.
  5. Repeat the Process: Continue collecting Pup Drive and upgrading Oatchi’s skills as needed throughout your gameplay.

That’s everything you need to know on how to upgrade Oatchi skills in Pikmin 4. For more help, please visit our Pikmin 4 Wiki Page where you can find more Pikmin 4 content.


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