How to Unlock the Secret Door in Thomas’ House in The Medium

How to Unlock the Secret Door in Thomas’ House in The Medium

After getting to Thomas’s house in The Medium, players will come across a secret locked door in the basement that requires a code to open. It’s another short puzzle that requires players to complete a series of tasks to find the correct code. In this guide, we’ve detailed everything there’s to know about how to unlock the secret door in Thomas’s House in The Medium.

The Medium Secret Door in Thomas’s House

To find the secret door, players need to enter Thomas’s House. Once in there, they’ll need to explore every nook and cranny. After they’re done exploring, they’ll notice a new passageway leading to the basement of the house. It’s inside the basement that they’ll find the secret door to open. There’s a little problem thought. To open the door, players will need to find a code. Without the code, there isn’t any way to open the door.

In order to find the code to open up the secret door, players will need to enter the crack in the wall to come to a secret area. Once there, they’ll need to head over to the far side of the room to find a safe. To unlock the safe, players will need to have the Bolt Cutters equipped. After cutting through the safe, players will find a box of a watch inside.

Inside the box is a document that will tell players that the box is for a watch that Thomas’s wife got him for their tenth wedding anniversary. In addition to this, players will also learn that the watch was purchased in 1976. With this knowledge, it can easily be deduced that Thomas got married in 1966.

With this information acquired, return to the locked door and enter the code ‘1966’ on the keypad to unlock it. And that’s how players can unlock the secret door in Thomas’s house.

That’s all we’ve got in how to unlock the secret door in Thomas’ house in The Medium. You can also check out our more guides in our dedicated wiki for The Medium.

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