If you are looking for ways to unlock Tainted Characters in Binding of Isaac, you’re not alone. Those who bought the game after its recent DLC release are among those looking for a way to unlock these characters. In this guide, we will explain everything you need to know on how to unlock all Tainted Characters in Binding of Isaac.


Unlocking Binding of Isaac Tainting Characters

To unlock tainted characters you first need to collect the red key from Mom’s Chest and use it to unlock Tainted Isaac. When you have ascended and returned home, the red key to unlock Tainted Isaac. Once you manage to unlock Tainted Issac, all you need to do is drop trinkets in boss rooms as you descend and then go to the bottom and start ascending. When you return to those rooms you will see that the trinkets have become Cracked Keys. Pick up the Cracked Keys and take them home. Use the keys to enter the room with the Tainted Character you wish to unlock in Binding of Isaac.

Here is the list of all Tainted Characters in the game.

  • Tainted Jacob
  • Tainted Forgotten
  • Tainted Bethany
  • Tainted Keeper
  • Tainted Apollyon
  • Tainted Lilith
  • Tainted Eden
  • Tainted Lost
  • Tainted Lazarus
  • Tainted Samson
  • Tainted Azazel
  • Tainted Eve
  • Tainted Judas
  • Tainted Cain
  • Tainted Isaac
  • Tainted Magdalene

And that’s everything you need to know on how to unlock Tainted Characters.