Relics are very powerful items in Tower of Fantasy that you can use to cause some serious damage. Some of them can be obtained by completing the main story but others require you to earn them in other ways. In this Tower of Fantasy guide, we cover how you can unlock Spacetime Rift and what it does.


Spacetime Rift In Tower Of Fantasy

The spacetime rift pulls enemies towards its center and deals damage continuously. It will eventually explode and deal more damage. This is ideal for crowd control and when you are up against a group of enemies. You will need 30 Spacetime Rift shards to create the spacetime rift. you can get the shards from relic shard boxes or by completing challenges in Claire’s Dream Machine.

Spacetime Rift Tower Of Fantasy

We recommend farming shards by completing Ruin E-01. You can do this at any difficulty. Completing it on easy difficulty will get you 5 Spacetime Rift shards, 10 on normal and 15, on hard. Once you have the 30 shards that you need, you can infuse them on the Relics page.

This is how you can unlock Spacetime Rift in Tower of Fantasy. You can also check out our guide on how you can access abandoned trucks. For more content, check out our Tower of Fantasy guides hub.