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How To Unlock Palace In A Pool Domain In Genshin Impact


Genshin Impact update 2.1 adds plenty of new content including characters, materials, resources, and puzzles. In this Genshin Impact guide, we are going to walk you through how you can unlock the Palace in a Pool Domain.

Unlocking The Palace In A Pool Domain In Genshin Impact

You need to go to the Suigetsu Pool island next to Sangonomia Shrine. Here you will find a pool surrounded by four Electro Totems that have probes that are lit. You need to find the statue with the blue orb and interact with it to pay respects. You will then see four shapes similar to butterflies floating in the air.

On a cliff behind the Electro Totem, you will find a tree with an Electrograna on top. Summon it and use it to electrify the four Probes. You will need to be quick about this as the effect of the Electrograna will go away after a certain amount of time.

Once the probes are lit, you should be able to unlock the Totems. Attack the Totems with electro attacks in order to lower the water inside the pool. You can use charged bow attacks.

Jump into the pool and swim in the direction opposite the red sign and you will get to a hatch next to a tree. Climb the tree and jump onto a room where you encounter Slimes. Kill them and turn on three rhombus keys on the walls to open the door.

Once you exit, look to your right and you will notice a tree that is stuck in a wall. Use it to climb up and stand on the edge. Jump to the other side where you will find a cubic switch that you can interact with. This will lower the water level even more.

After that, you need to lower the lever next to the door. Exit the tower and head into the pool again. You can now open the door with the red sign. This is how you can unlock the Palace in a Pool Domain in Genshin Impact. To learn more, check out our guide on where you can find Sango Pearls.

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