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How to Unlock and Change Outfits in Deathloop

Fashion is always the true endgame. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise! Deathloop lets the player customize Colt and Julianna in iconic drip from the 60s. In this Deathloop guide, we have detailed all there is to know about How to Unlock and Change Outfits in Deathloop.

Unlock Outfits in Deathloop

Outfits in Deathloop do not provide any kind of advantage. These outfits must be first unlocked before they can be equipped by either Colt or Julianna. Below, we have provided all the details needed to unlock different costumes in Deathloop and changing into them.

How to Unlock

Probably the easiest method of unlocking additional costumes in Deathloop is to purchase the Deluxe Edition of the game. Aside from that, the player must invade others in MP in order to increase the Hunter Rank. This should result in unlocking more costumes for Colt to use. As for Julianna, she gains additional costumes by simply leveling up.

How to Change

The ability to change outfits for Colt and Juliana is not available from the get-go.

When playing as Colt, the player must wait until the ability to modify loadout becomes available – it is usually after a couple of hours into the game. After it becomes available, hover over Colt and press ‘X’ to see a list of all available costumes.

To change Julianna’s costume, select the ‘Protect the Loop’ mode after it becomes available. Similar to Colt, hover over Juliana and press ‘X’ to see a list of all the available costumes.

As mentioned earlier, equipping a different outfit does not provide any advantages when it comes to combat and/or stealth.

This is all we have got in How to Unlock and Change Outfits in Deathloop. For more help on the game, be sure to check out our detailed Deathloop wiki page.

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