Relics are powerful items in the game that you can craft in Tower of Fantasy. You do not have to use the gatcha system or spend money in order to get them. In this Tower of Fantasy guide, we cover how you can get the Omnium Shield and what it does.


Getting Omnium Shield In Tower of Fantasy

In Tower of Fantasy, you will find yourself taking on waves of enemies which can overwhelm you at times. This is where the Omnium Shield can help out. When deployed, it creates a barrier that protects you from enemy projectiles for a while Enemies can physically pass through the barrier but this can still be very helpful against ranged attacks.

You will need 30 Omnium Shield shards to unlock the Omnium Shield. You can get them by completing Ruin D-01 in the Crown region. You can complete it at any difficulty but the higher the difficulty the more Omnium Shield shards you get. You get 15 for completing it on the hard difficulty and 5 for completing it on easy.

Omnium Shield Tower of Fantasy

Once you have 30 Omnium Shield shards, you can fuse them on the relics page to unlock the Omnium Shield. Other ways of getting shards are completing challenges for Claire’s Dream Machine and opening relic shard boxes.

This is how you can unlock the Omnium Shield in Tower of Fantasy. You can also check out our guide on how you can get the Spacetime Rift. For more content, check out our Tower of Fantasy guides hub.