There are trade skills in Lost Ark that are necessary for you to learn. Foraging is one of those skills, and with this skill you can do wonders. It would make finding resources easier that you might have to pay the other way. There will be items that you can forage and use for crafting purposes or to sell to other players. So, here is how you can unlock foraging in Lost Ark.


Unlock Foraging in Lost Ark

Just like the other trade skills, foraging can also be unlocked by progressing in the story. You need to progress through the main story quests until you reach West Luterra, where you will go to the Lakebar. Here, you will trigger a mission named as “Crown of Lakebar”. Just complete this mission, and you will unlock all the six trade skills.

The foraging skill will also be unlocked with all the other trade skills, and now you need to go towards the NPC named Nickel. This NPC will be available in the Lakebar village, and you need to get the Novice Foraging tool from the NPC. This tool is necessary for you to have, as you won’t be able to do foraging without this tool.

Now you need to harvest the plants to gather the resources through foraging. Any kind of plant would do, and you will gain 30 Life Energy upon harvesting a plant.


Harvesting the plants is also called “Plant Picking”, which is a passive ability in Lost Ark. Having this as a passive ability means that you will use it automatically, and it wont cost a slot in your toolbar. Therefore, to harvest plants, you just need to make sure that you are harvesting the plants that have a leaf icon on the map.

This is everything that you need to do to unlock Foraging trade skill in Lost Ark. For more help on the game, be sure to check out our detailed Lost Ark wiki page.