There are eight types of weapons in Wild Hearts. Each of these weapons is different from the others with unique moves, combos, and the general playstyle. And while your starting weapon, Karakuri Katana, is capable enough to carry you through the entirety of Wild Hearts, you should try to unlock all the weapons at the earliest — variety is the spice of life, after all! It should not come as a surprise but some weapons perform exceptionally well against certain monsters. Moreover, trying out all the weapons is generally recommended as it will help you familiarize with the combat a lot better. This guide will help you unlock all the weapons in Wild Hearts.

Out of eight weapons in Wild Hearts, five are available from the beginning. These weapons i.e., Bladed Wagasa, Karakuri Katana, Nodachi, Bow, and Maul are available for crafting the moment you speak with Natsume. The remaining three require a little big of legwork.

To craft the remaining three weapons, you will need to progress until you reach the Village of Minato. From there, you will need to defeat the Spineglider on Natsukodachi Island. Keep on progressing until you defeat the Earthshaker — the massive bear-like creature. After the festival is concluded, head back to the Village of Minato and speak with Natsume to unlock Cannon, Clawblade, and Karakuri Staff.

Wild Hearts Unlockable Weapons

This is all we have on how to unlock every weapon in Wild Hearts. Also, be sure to see our Wild Hearts wiki page for other tips and strategies.

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